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At the level of values ​​in Europe

Sep 4th 2014 at 3:32 AM

At the level of values ​​in Europe today is totally inconceivable that anyone would seriously preoccupied any conflict, any great monuments of the past period - For such I think that I've had almost been abandoned in organizing this meeting,

But then I was smart people who appreciate their advice forced to give up giving up. From my point of view there is only one headgear and Bogišić metaphor was used because of the complex and frustrations that Croatian

public has with this man because he never wanted to let you choose on your behalf. man named Valtazar of their choice, and we, relatives , friends and countrymen, having decided to go, we wanted to give him back his name from birth certificates. Croatian cultural tradition called him Baltazar or Baldo. Commemorative Culture • Set you organized with the Faculty of Law ... -

The holder of the Faculty of Law, together, we have collaborated. It is, among other things, our work. Bogišić codifier, and another reason why the Institute of Lexicography interested in him is because he was one of those modern intellectuals who considered it important that the shortest way to get the encyclopedia as a form similar legislation that will express the potential of the people and culture language. •

I find it somewhat unusual to hear from the mouth of director of the institution that the public perceives as one of those who expressly and directly dependent on the will and power. - I think that our Office does not depend on the will of the state and that much better than talking about the state of the public.

• It depends in a material sense? - Not in the material sense. It's just that as in some other areas that I have mentioned countries helps the public or individuals to cope and take the financial responsibility for this kind of system. Such liability exists, for example, in Estonia through a single sphere, and in Catalonia

Through entrepreneurship. • A with us? - Here we expect to free textbooks and encyclopedias until further notice, as well as free health care. It's just nice to talk about a state that is ready to help its citizens to be healthy

And in writing as long as she could do, and they do not start it helping it to be more developed, more competitive and more recognizable in the sphere of real values ​​that have been linked to the culture of remembrance.

We expect free textbooks and encyclopedias, until further notice, and free health care, as well talking about a state that cares for citizens •I see you have a much better mood for the Croatian state than the general public. - I'm ten years ago said that Croatia, while greatly progressed in the establishment of structures

That we call government, seriously neglected social forms. Probably the logic of such a history, but the self-evidence of some social relations are at far lower level than self-evidence forms the functioning of the state.

That is why I am surprised that the European Commission draws too much attention to the functioning of the judiciary or some other form of state organization. , I do not think, that not only performs the Croatian example

T to the social stability of this kind, the European Commission is rightly expected, there is a formal side. In Croatia, objectively and form perfectly developed, but the content is not nearly accompanies this type of formal clarity.

I'm surprised to Europe in a small, exemplary example of how the Croatian longer encourages and assists the development of social relations, which is commensurate with success once worked for the Soros Foundation.

The rest, however, poor collateral consequences of small radical groups and the Soros initiative, but when zanemarimu the collateral maker of schism, the capillary social initiatives has left valuable results. would much prefer

To Europe in Croatia and similar examples on its edges, which forces Europe is developing in this way, understanding the basic social relations, rather than the logic of development of what they call the acquis communautaire. •

Speaking of the acquis, remind us a little of the role of the one true Bogisic in the legal traditions of Montenegro. - His role is huge because when he worked protoustav Montenegro, Croatia and

Serbia were already far advanced in this respect that I ironically call a formal EU approach. So, utilized the then European legal standards in forming Blaise headgear as director of the Lexicographic Institute, at the presentation of the penultimate volume Croatian encyclopedia its state forms and constitutionality.

Why had she come to Bogišić opportunity under the patronage of the then Russian domestic law work in the vernacular?

Because then seen to form not be separated from content. Otherwise, the laws and constitutions are rarely translated, even today.

Imagine then, the Code, the protoustav translated currently five to six major languages ​​about him were then led a large international conference. None the conference did not take on the constitutional or lawful regulation of the Kingdom of Dalmatia and Croatian or Serbian obrenovićevske. No one alive then or now was not interested in Europe and worldwide. A Bogišić immediately interested in Japanese.v

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