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Are there foods you should avoid ?

May 26th 2014 at 5:57 AM

During pregnancy , high rates , miscarriage, stillbirth or newborn baby with a germ that can cause serious illness that can carry wisteria should not eat certain foods . Remember to avoid the following foods : • ' Camembert ', ' Brie ' so-called soft cheeses such as blue-veined cheese moldy cheese . ' Cheddar' with the type of hard cheese such as cheese , ' cottage cheese' cheese and processed cheese called is not in any danger of • Uncooked or undercooked ready meals . Read every side dishes warm until thoroughly pay attention to heating .

We also need to keep in mind the following points : • Raw eggs and food containing raw or partially cooked eggs Avoid eating . Only until both the white and yolk hardens eat eggs cooked thoroughly . This is a type of food poisoning is required to avoid the risk of salmonella . • Always wash your hands after handling raw meat and raw foods , ready to eat foods separate. This example, which leads to food poisoning salmonella, campylobacter , and microbes such as E. coli O157 is required to avoid . • Be sure to eat only thoroughly cooked meat . Take particular care with sausages and meat eating . • When working in the garden or cat pooped Always wear gloves when cleaning the sand and then wash your hands . This , in meats, in cat feces and soil caused by a parasite is required to avoid an infection toxoplasmosis . Toxoplasmosis, can be harmful to unborn babies . • Be careful not to take too much vitamin . This , from taking high doses of multivitamin pills and the liver , liver products means avoid eating . There are a amount of vitamin A you need . However, if you get too much , too much can accumulate and can be very high during pregnancy . • limit the amount of tuna you eat must . Week ( 140g cooked or 170g raw weight) or a tuna steak per week ( with a drained weight of about 140g each which ) eating more than two medium-size cans of tuna .
Two cans of tuna , six tuna fish tuna salad sandwich or three means . This is because this is the amount of mercury in fish . An amount of mercury in fish you eat your milk is mixed and high very small amount of mercury can damage the development of the nervous system of the baby . At the same time : • Cakes and biscuits as well as fat and high sugar foods is a good idea to avoid . In addition, to avoid putting on too much weight during pregnancy can also help. Some healthy snacks and foods • Low-fat yogurt • Vegetable and bean soups • Fresh , canned , or for example if the fruit such as raisins, dried state . Do you need to cut out caffeine ? Every day you get the need to reduce the amount of caffeine . However, there is no need to cut completely . Caffeine , coffee, tea and chocolate are naturally present in some foods and hot drinks . In addition, some soft drinks and ' energy ' drinks are also attended to . It is important to take more than 300 mg of caffeine a day . Because of the high amount of caffeine the baby's weight at birth is low and can lead to even lower .

About 300 mg of caffeine listed below are in : • 3 large cups of instant coffee ( 100 mg each ) • 4 small cups of instant coffee ( 75mg each ) • 3 cups of brewed coffee ( 100 mg each ) • 6 cups of tea ( 50 mg each ) • 8 cans of cola ( up to 40 mg each ) • 4 cans of 'energy ' drinks transmitter ( each with a maximum of 80 mg ) • 50 g of each of eight fingers chocolate ( each with a maximum of 50 mg ) Place a finger of chocolate a day , 3 cups of tea and a tin of coke if you drink a small cup of instant coffee , 300 mg , the maximum amount of caffeine can be reached . In some cold and flu remedies Remember that caffeine .

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