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Very famous American health expert Kyle Leon introduce a unique and perfect fat loss program, called Customized Fat Loss by which any one can decrease his/her body`s additional fat and get muscular form. There is drugs or medicine use in this program. Price of this program is 47 US Dollars and it`s full refundable in 60 days.
Kyle Leon | customizedfatloss01

Anabolic Whey Protein and its uses - Kyle Leon

May 18th 2015 at 1:06 AM

Sports and nutritional supplements delve into many of the annual profits for the companies that produce them, which leads many companies to offer several products targeted to the individual user's fitness goals. Weight loss, weight gain, faster post workout recovery periods, or better athletic performance all have relevant products that are geared to these needs. In the case of anabolic whey protein based powder, claiming that the product answers these needs.

Muscle Repair

Because protein forms the building blocks of muscles, as well as resistance training (weight lifting) causes micro-tears in the muscle fibers, auxiliary consumption of protein strengthens tissue repair. Anabolic protein aims to increase this effect, much more than regular whey protein. Anabolic protein contains the addition of "micellar" casein milk protein and protein from egg whites. It is believed that the combination of these dietary proteins have a stronger muscle bulking abilities of additives, a favorite among bodybuilders.

Customized Fat Loss

Strength Gains

According to Customized Fat Loss program and eBook, as bodybuilders who use anabolic whey have quick recovery time, due to the ability of the muscles repair of the additive, it is believed that faster strength gains can be made in the use of plain whey. With the drinking of anabolic protein from the gym or the time between the training of a certain part of the body is lowered, thus the lifter can operate more frequently.

Customized Fat Loss

Meal replacement

As with many other similar supplements, anabolic whey protein is produced with the proper balance of other macronutrients (fats and carbohydrates). The protein can be easily mixed with water or low-fat milk, or mixed with fresh fruit and/or peanut butter to create a "feed", which will have the calories proportional standard low fat, high protein, low carb diet favored by bodybuilders. These Smoothies are usually consumed once or twice daily, to strengthen the consumption of proteins, in order to obtain the desired effect of the above-mentioned benefits.

Customized Fat Loss


Kyle Leon says that Anabolic protein is touted to contain enough of the RDA recommended daily amounts of minerals such as calcium and magnesium, which says that in order to assist the process of digestion, as well as muscle building capabilities. This will help you to the digestive and excretory systems operate with more regularly.

Customized Fat Loss

Although the uses and claims anabolic whey protein, he (and all the bodybuilding and nutritional supplements) are not regulated by the food and Drug Administration (FDA). The agreement between the manufacturers and the FDA allows additives to claim all the positive effects of their products, but you don't have to advocate for the use of their product for the treatment of any disease or illness. Although there is no known negative effect of using anabolic whey, users should use discretion when deciding what supplement.

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