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Alternative Ways of Treating Male Erectile Dysfunction

Aug 5th 2015 at 4:36 AM



Erectile dysfunction or impotence is a common sexual problem, which disables a man reaching a level of erections during the intercourse activity. Frequency of erectile problem tends to increase with age. However, certain physical and mental conduit can also reduce the quality of erections in the bed.


For several men, lost quality of erection during those main acts is lost sexual potency of satisfy a female. Many people have misperception that the problem lasts forever, once it gets into existence. Well, the life of erectile problem in men depends upon the type of underlying causes. If the problem occurs due to health problem, ED may take long time for recovery and if the cause is psychological, recovery is possible in just a few days.


Some home remedies come in very handy manner to help individuals and retuning them the lost potency. However, the remedies may be helpful for less advanced cases of erectile problem. Here are a few methods to take acre of reproductive health with some viable and great remedies. Let’s have a look on these remedies-


Garlic- Chewing two or three cloves of garlic per day may help improving blood circulation and increasing the quality of male hard-on. Besides, eating garlic bread may be helpful for increasing the sperm count in male personalities. Garlic is counted among some best natural remedies for the treatment of male impotence.


Onion- The mechanism of this helpful food is very similar to garlic but it taste differ from it. Taking onion slices with your meal can be extremely effective to get direct benefits of coming from this wonderful vegetable. Another alternate to consume onion is to cut down into pieces and fry it with butter. Now these fried onion slices can be taken daily on empty stomach.


Spinach- This green and leafy vegetable is very rich in essential nutrients needed for developing healthy erection. One can take these leaves directly in form of salad. Eating spinach can be disinteresting on starting days, but later it may taste normal.


Broccoli- It is rich in vitamin E and helps enhancing sexual endurance. Regular intake of broccoli in the dinner may assist opening up the blood vessels and penile muscles for healthy blood flow near male erectile issues.

Watermelon- The mechanism of this fruit is very similar to a PDE-5 blocker. Watermelon is improves blood by dilating vessels so that blood can be reached different areas of male reproductive system. This juicy fruits has been greatly helpful for the time men did not have any medicinal treatment.


Ajanta Pharma’s product Kamagra jelly is also a great alternative when these normal methods seems working very slow. A Kamagra oral jelly 100mg promises to deliver hard and long erections for more pleasurable sexual experience in the bed.


Different flavors of Kamagra jellies can be easily purchased through internet-based pharmacies even at very reasonable price. All one need to do is getting prescription so that the treatment can be started for safe outcomes.


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