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All Parts Medical Buyers Guide

Oct 7th 2014 at 6:39 AM

Nobody wants to end up buying a poorly designed product, but nowhere is quality more important than in medical equipment, because a malfunctioning component could have serious repercussions for both patient and the medical facility. That’s why if you’re going to buy used medical parts online, they should provide items with quality similar to All Parts Medical so there won’t be any problems.

What Makes for a Good Medical Parts Supplier?

The most important factor is quality control, and it’s something that all members of the medical parts company must take seriously. Besides ensuring product quality, the supplier must provide professional customer service and support in case problems or questions arise with regards to shipping, functionality or other issues.

If you’re searching for quality service, experience must also be factored in. There’s nothing wrong with working with new companies, but because medical equipment are so important, it’s imperative that your supplier has already implemented and standardized the way they purchase equipment. For instance if you’re going to buy Blue Ridge medical parts, it’s best to do so from those who have experience in the field.

Testing and Quality Control

Medical parts suppliers use different methods to implement quality control, but the most important is field testing because that’s the only way to ensure the equipment is working. This is especially true if the company sells parts and systems that have been refurbished. In recent years, refurbished medical equipment have become very popular as they’re more affordable than new systems, and if subject to quality control can last a while.

If this is your first time to buy refurbished medical equipment, you need to know what kind of measures they implement to ensure quality. Ideally, control measures have to be set the moment the supplier acquires the components to the time when it is shipped. To avoid problems, medical part suppliers implement strict procedures and requirements prior and after equipment are removed.

The trademark of a professional medical parts supplier is testing of all equipment on site to ensure that all the parts are in working order. The other thing you should check is the shipping, to be more specific, the cost, the documentation and what quality management system is in place.

It goes without saying that shipping components like Block Imaging require special care, so the service has to keep track of the entire process beginning with the inventory going all the way to the actual shipping. If you’re going to buy refurbished parts, ensure that the total cost includes cosmetic touch up or repair, whichever is necessary. 

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