All facts about electronic cigarettes

Mar 2nd 2015 at 3:42 AM

An electronic cigarette or cigarro electronico (in Spanish) is a small battery motorized spray can which is designed to give the same feeling as smoking a tobacco cigarette. In fact, the pioneer first generation electronic cigarette looked exactly like a tobacco cigarette.  Electronic cigarettes are becoming more and more popular due to the stylish design and the convenience they provide. First things first, electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco but have nicotine instead. The nicotine comes in a liquid result known as an e-liquid solution. Normally, the e-liquid solution is a combination of propylene glycol, nicotine, glycerin and flavorings; although some do not contain nicotine. The e-liquid solution comes in cartridges like those found on the Cigarro electronico ego electric cigarette.

The electric cigarette works using an electric heating element which atomizes the e-liquid solution. This produces an aerosol compound which most people refer to as vapor. Electronic cigarettes do not produce smoke like conventional tobacco cigarettes but produces vapor instead. The nicotine inside the e-liquid solution is inhaled into the body in vapor form and not in smoke as in tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette is becoming very popular especially in some countries such as Mexico where the cigarro electronico Monterrey sales are rising by the day. So what exactly makes them so popular?

Advantages of electronic cigarettes

  • No odors and foul smell

Electronic cigarettes are popular because of the vapor produced instead of smoke. Since many people frown upon tobacco smokers, particularly in the job industry, having a cigarette which does not leave tobacco smell is a godsend to most tobacco smokers. This is because the smell of tobacco is non existent in the vapor; the vapor also doesn’t cling to clothes and other surfaces such as car seats and cushions.

  • Convenience to smoke anytime

The main advantage of electronic cigarettes is that you can use them in any convenient place as the associated problems of tobacco smoke are eliminated. This means that one can easily take a quick smoke during lunch breaks or short break intervals without inconveniencing the people around you with tobacco odor. Mostly, this type of convenience is the reason why cigarro electronico Guadalajara users are loyal to these cigarro electronico. One can use them even in the car nasty smells lingering afterwards.

  • Less toxicant substances

Generally, electronic cigarettes have less toxicant substances than conventional tobacco cigarettes. This means that they are less likely to harm users and also far less likely to harm bystanders. Users have less risk of getting affected by carcinogenic compounds found in the toxicants present in tobacco. As for the bystanders, the vapor produced has very little effect on them.

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