Added incentive to quit smoking

Dec 8th 2015 at 9:09 PM

Quitting smoking will never feel more important if you realize that chronic smoking can cause erectile dysfunction. Yep smoking can cause your penis to go into deep hibernation. Imagine being in a situation where all the other aspects are in readiness but your penis is dozing off. Many say it causes embarrassment but I would prefer calling it disappointment. Crushing, soul sucking put your fist through a wall disappointment. This is because as you age scenarios of sex become less frequent and imagine missing out on those rare opportunities because your little boy isn’t up for it. For some reason the smoking can cause cancer argument has never been able to convince smokers to quit. So maybe missing out on a rare and golden chance for sex might convince them to reconsider their options. Yes it’s possible to buy Viagra without prescription these days but can that help you in your pursuit of healthy erections?

Erectile dysfunction is caused because of poor supply into the penile region. Apart from smoking there can be other causes such as high BP/cholesterol, stress, anxiety, diabetes, obesity amongst others. Smoking can cause blood vessels to narrow and this could result in poor blood regulation into the penis. A study was conducted recently to directly establish the relationship between smoking and erectile dysfunction. It consisted of 65 men who were chronic smokers as well as being sexually active. About one fifth of the men were regular experiencing ED at the start of the study. 75% of men who quit smoking no longer experienced any ED symptoms. Also 31% of men managed to quit smoking by the end of study. However for those who want to enjoy healthy erections during the quitting process can always use Generic Viagra. Viagra contains the core element sildenafil which releases more nitric oxide. Nitric oxide relaxes the muscles in the penis and triggers a process known as vasodilation i.e. dilation of blood vessels. This will help you achieve long lasting erections as the penis is filled with blood.

Many customers prioritize buying generic medications online these days. That’s primarily because generic medications though identical in all aspects to brand name medications cost considerably lesser. They are also available in discounts when you avail offers such as Viagra coupons that will enable you to receive discounts in excess of 20%.

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