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Acne No More Mike Walden Review -Care oily skin

Sep 26th 2013 at 11:40 PM

Care oily skin. Oily skin care is primarily aimed at stabilizing activity of the sebaceous glands, which lead to less oily skin, while ensuring its continued access nutrients. The purpose of maintenance is therefore reducing sebum production , but no abnormal lipid film of the skin , which is a form of anti-bacterial flora .The most important treatment is - just as with any other type of skin - cleansing . For oily skin , but it is of particular importance because this skin accumulates more pollutants even in sterile conditions. Contrary to appearances, to avoid entering into a strong degreasing of the skin, because it can aggravate skin problems.

Acne No More Review - Cosmetics washing should have a pH slightly acidic or neutral. Therefore, do not use alkaline soap; preferably replace them with special gels for washing. This also applies to medicinal soaps that are better used only temporarily .It should also give up greasy lotions and creams for the face, because it is unreasonable extra fat from oily skin. A good solution is toning the skin using special tonics. It may be the tonic with the addition of alcohol, but it's better to choose those with an alcohol content not exceeding 10 %. This content will make sure that the tonic refreshes and gently disinfect the skin, without being too over-drying it.

An important step oily skin is also to provide the proper nutrients that provide radiant appearance and enhance color. Perfect cream for oily skin should have a light texture. It is often in the form of creams, gels or cream - gel, which also ensures adequate hydration of the skin oily, but dehydrated. A good cream for oily skin contains a composition of several elements of particular importance for the proper functioning of the skin.

These are mainly :zinc - which is the second most important trace element present in the human body , not without reason it is called " an element of beauty ", because zinc regulates endocrine and production of sebum , also influences the regeneration process of the skin and inhibits the formation of free radicals , thus helping to keep the young appearance of the skin , an astringent effect on the date copper - Regulates sebum production , helps skin tarnishing , together with vitamin C is also involved in the formation of fibrous proteins - elastin and collagen , which affects the elasticity and firmness of the skin sulfur - affects the regulation of secretion of the sebaceous glands , making it the panacea to the problems of acne , sulfur is a component of keratin and collagen - proteins in normal and elasticity.

In keeping oily skin under control will also be important scrubs, exfoliates odtykające rough skin and pores, and masks with a nutritional or astringent. It is good to use it 1-2 times a week. From time to time it is worth to enjoy a professional cleaning treatment in the beauty parlor. Offices offer a wide range of treatments for oily skin, such as treatments using AHA or massage improves blood circulation, it refers mainly to the area of ​​the wings of the nose. Mike Walden

In this case, treatment will creams with vitamin C and vitamin K , which exhibit a shrink blood vessels .Doing the makeup for oily skin is best to avoid heavy sleepers , which will further clog pores. Antibacterial correctors help conceal imperfections; it is worth to stock up on special paper to strip off excess sebum and carry them in a bag to be able to take advantage of them discreetly outside the home. Oily skin, as somewhat problematic, certainly requires special care and involvement in care. But the reward for our hard work and regularity will be healthy looking skin, yet include it is our business card. It is therefore important to care for her.

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