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Acid Reflux And Mattress Wedges

Dec 2nd 2019 at 11:13 PM


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Acid reflux is a very dangerous ailment which affects a lot of people. In its most severe form, it can also cause heartburn and chronic indigestion. The acid reflux mattress wedges are quite popular because they help to reduce acid reflux tendencies. These mattresses are reputed because they ease acid reflux symptoms during the nights when people sleep. These devices are used for elevating the heads and the legs in order to facilitate circulation problems. You can find acid reflux mattresses at in various sizes based on the preference of the user.

1. Design of the mattress wedge

The acid reflux mattress wedges are designed primarily to be more multifunctional and enable people to sleep better. They are made from materials which will support your neck, your shoulders, the hamstrings in the legs and along with this your head. These mattress wedges are quite firm and they will not slip easily as compared to the wedged pillows. As a result of this, you will not need to always adjust these mattresses so as to keep them properly in their place.

2. The process in which mattress wedges function

The Mattress Wedge is designed along scientific principles. It helps people with acid reflux sleep better because of certain design specifications. This device will act effectively as it keeps your head elevated. As a result of this, it ensures that the various contents within your stomach are not able to regurgitate or come up in your food pipe and cause acid reflux issues. When an individual lies flat on his bed, then the position will remove the natural gravitational force which acts on the human body as it stays in the vertical position. Because of this, there will not be any gravitational pull acting on your stomach. This means that your stomach will not be able to keep the contents stay down and towards your intestines.

3. Other uses

The mattress wedge can also be used to help people who suffer from ailments like asthma, lack of sleep, insomnia and so on. The reason for this is that when the head is elevated then the patient is able to breathe more easily. However, this is not possible with ordinary pillows where the head will sink more easily. Recent studies have revealed how acid reflux is closely interconnected with asthma and hence, the mattress wedge is suitable for both these ailments. In addition to this, raising bed for acid reflux can help reduce the obstructive sleeping apnea and sleep difficulties as it will help in keeping the soft tissues towards to the back of your throat open for better air passage.

Raising bed for acid reflux is just one of the numerous ways for curing heartburn problems. The mattress wedge is a simple and natural solution, but you can find other ways to treat acid reflux and heartburn from the internet.

To conclude, acid reflex is a persistent and irritating problem that affects a lot of people. Mattress wedges can help in curing this recurrent health issue.


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