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Abdominal obesity

Jan 10th 2014 at 2:43 AM

The vast majority of the elderly population at risk of developing abdominal obesity affected includes cardiovascular diseases . When the main threat to health, visceral fat ( ie, overweight TIGHT ) that increase , thus the development of insulin resistance , dislipidemiyani , metabolic syndrome , diabetes and atherosclerosis is related to the second type .

Obesity often causes myocardial infarction and atrial səyirməsinə . Reduction of visceral fat , metabolic diseases, cardiovascular diseases , and reduce the risk of developing a key. Activity is visceral fat . Triqliseritlərdən acids in the vicinity of the portal and into the circulatory system can be significant , and this leads to the development of insulin resistance . Free fatty acids in the liver to create lipoproteidler stimulasdırır aterogen . In addition, the signal of fat tissue moleykulları ( adipokinlər ) worsens endothelial dysfunction . Increases in visceral fat increases Adipokinin səvviyəsi . Abdominal obesity and the most sensitive indication of an objective measure of waist . According to the International Diabetes federassiyasının waist of 94 cm for men , women and higher than 80 cm lipoproteidlərin low levels of high-density , high levels of triglycerides and glucose combined with a high risk of developing heart disease, provides a foundation damr . Currently, obesity is a non - medical treatments are widely used methods of changing your life , lean and low-calorie diet , refers to the intensity of physical activity . However, they are not successful in the long -term effects of the pharmacological agents used to come to . Endokannabinoid sistsm ( EQS) and the so-called system -specific hormone receptors blokatorlarına bəslənirBu great hopes that affect neyrorequlyatorların neyrorequlyator system and is responsible for the balance between a sense of appetite and satiety . FORMER energy homeostasis - has been spent , saved , and run through requlyassiyası oils miqdarnin controls . This process combines the control of hypothalamic itself without appetite and lipid metabolism . During the development of obesity, eating disorders during her edirEndokannabinoidlər produced by the gastrointestinal tract and reverse bagıisaq items that affect receptors . If dadlıdırsa food , high calorie and fat səngindirsə FORMER hiperaktivassiyası the hypothalamus causes an increase in appetite , and it also leads to the strengthening lipogenezin , the feeling of satiety and reduced energy consumption , respectively .

For biosynthesis of unsaturated fatty acids, fatty food endokannabinoidlərin artıtır use , it also leads to hiperaktivliyinə EQS . FORMER receptors in 1990 ( the first type - CB1 ) and in 1993 ( the second type , CB2 ) have been discovered . High konsentrassiyası receptors of the brain cortex , brains , hipokampda , subcortical nuvələrdə , hypothalamus and gastrointestinal tract were noted. Recently, CB1 , CB2 receptors have been found to be selective biokatorları it to reflect the impact of new therapeutic targets for the 3rd phase of clinical studies qoyulmusdurDaha very learned , and the CB1 Receptor blocker SR141716A ( rimonabant ) - dir . Information obtained from studies shows that this prerparat ( with dieata hipokalorili ) significantly reduces weight and improves vəziyyıtini diabetes of the second type . In addition, the decrease in the plasma , regardless of the weight adiponektinlərin significantly raises the level of nicotine dependence has a positive impact . Prospects for the treatment of abdominal piylənməyənin Endokannabinoid system transmitter receptors blokatorlarının method of application . A new class of molecules , and glucose metabolism of fat , appetite , and feeling the effects of saturation , fat accumulation and consumption of energy homeostasis through the restoration of harmoniyalasması pilənmə dərəcdə improve significantly the results of the fight . Beware, most importantly, visceral fat resulting in a significant reduction in morbidity and mortality is expected to decline kardiometabolik diseases .

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