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A long life may be associated with sleep quality!

Jul 4th 2014 at 10:06 PM

A good night's sleep is good for anyone, although this is increasingly difficult to achieve, due to the hectic routine habit. The quality of sleep brings numerous benefits and they all refer to a longer life, full of health and well-being.

One of the main secrets of success in this quest is to keep the focus on the quality of sleep , avoiding thinking only in the number of hours slept. We spent about a third of our lives asleep and this restorative break is essential not just to stay awake and well arranged the next day, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Sleep quality has a direct impact on improving physical and mental performance. Photo:

Shutterstock Sleep quality has a direct impact on improving physical and mental performance. Photo: Shutterstock Benefits of sleep quality The quality of sleep results in improved physical and mental performance, due to a good night.

The effect of a late night without sleep is similar to a mild intoxication, because the motor coordination is impaired and reasoning ability is compromised. Thus, without the deserved rest, the body fails to meet a number of very important tasks.

It is believed that the main part is the gear that melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland in the brain. She begins to be secreted as soon as the sun sets, for telling the body that it is time to prepare for sleep . At that time the process starts, the temperature drops from 1 to 2 ° C and blood pressure also suffer a slight decline.

Tips for better sleep quality There are some basic and simple rules that can help you make this possible by improving their quality of sleep

. It is recommended to keep six hours of deep sleep , which can make you feel better than eight hours of light sleep and stopped. The important thing is that you're feeling fine the next morning. We can not forget to choose a correct pillow

, a factor that contributes greatly to the quality of sleep , making it enjoyable and invigorating. The lifespan of a pillow is, on average, 5 years old, but it is indicated that make the exchange of 2 in 2 years. Other tips for a better quality of sleep is to maintain regular bedtime and wake schedules,

perform exercises regularly , especially the late afternoon or early evening. Stimulants like coffee, chocolate, soda is consumed in excess can seriously hamper the quality of your sleep. Nicotine is even more stimulating than caffeine,

so avoid smoking. Smokers usually wake up with ease and have shorter phases of deep sleep. Avoid drinking alcohol in excess , especially at certain times near night. Too much alcohol in the late afternoon and slow sleep, dinner, sleep early lead.

Another unhealthy habit is eating too much before bedtime, because the digestive system will have to work too hard, damaging the quality of sleep . If you experience difficulty sleeping at night and avoid sleeping in the afternoon.

Many people dismayed at nighttime sleep and a negative impact on sleep quality , while taking a long nap after lunch. If you feel sleep during the day, it is recommended that look for an option of physical activity, even if only for 10 minutes and that stimulates the heartbeat, as this speeds up the metabolism.

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