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9 reasons to make your nails are weak

Jun 6th 2014 at 12:57 AM

Weak nails, brittle, flaking scales, slow growth ... can be a warning sign that you're lacking nutrition, premature aging, hormonal imbalance or certain diseases ...Do not disregard medical aching limbs numb Peeling, dry skin for dry use hand sanitizer Beware symptoms numbness after waking up

When you find yourself on the signs as you said that because my nails due to natural and ignore the subsequent symptoms. This can inadvertently unrest in your body increases because not always your nails also broken, flaking ... naturally.

Here are some reasons why your nails are weak:

Color, shape and texture of the nails may indicate the overall health of each person. But many studies have shown that even healthy people may also suffer from the weak nails . Some common causes of weak nails that are listed include:

- Diseases and disorders of the body: weak nails can be an expression of the main symptoms of anemia. A number of skin disorders such as psoriasis, thyroid disease, infection status in the body, circulatory problems, liver failure ... can also lead to brittle nails. 

- Exposure to toxic chemicals: Exposure to harsh chemicals or cleaning chemicals in soap and water washing toilet ... also can make in the stratum corneum and corroded nails making nails hands were soft, weak and brittle.

9 reasons to make your nails are weak 1

- Wet nails regularly: If you wash your hands frequently, washing clothes, cooking , cleaning the house ... making you always in your hands wet condition and soften nails, brittle if any unfortunate incident that.

- Lack of humidity: During the winter, many people have the habit of using home heating equipment. This inadvertently reduces humidity in the room and indirectly affects your body, namely making the body vulnerable to dehydration, thus, your nails are the same balls, brittle when dry.

- Diet Unhealthy: brittle nails may be the result of body condition because of poor nutrition diet is not healthy. Several factors exacerbate this condition is a deficiency of protein, vitamin C, folic acid, iron, calcium and zinc.

- Stress: The extreme tension, is often one of the causes that can lead to the loss of hormonal balance in the body. This can significantly affect the health of your nails because the nutrients in the body will not be sufficient to provide all agencies.

- Menopause: During menopause, women face the situation hormonal fluctuations. That is the main reason behind the break expression, exfoliative or distortion in your nails. A woman in menopause are often faced with the decline of estrogen - a hormone that is responsible for adjusting the water balance in the body. Due to low estrogen, leading the water is disturbed, leading to dry nails, brittle and peeling.

- Aging: As we age, the nail may appear grainy and yellowed due to lack of moisture in the basement. Hence, also weaken nails.

- Bad: Some personal habits such as nail biting, not personal ... hygiene can lead to nail and make weak nails, deformity, disease even as yeast infections .

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