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8 signs that your relationship is not serious

Oct 2nd 2015 at 3:30 AM

Real or fake is your relationship?

Want to find out if your relationship is genuine? Here are eight signs that show that it is not so serious.

1. Do you know enough about each other?

If you spend a lot of time together, you should immediately start building habits and practices together, but you know the little things about each other as favorite movies or the greatest fears? If you do not know even some of the little things for each other that means nothing is serious.

2. You only hang out together.

When a couple really wants to be together, they want the world to know about it. If neither of you is revealed in front of friends and relatives about your relationship, and only go out when others aren't around, the person with whom you are talking probably does not want others to know that you are together.

3. Never discuss serious topics.

Think about the things you're talking about when you're alone. If you never talk about serious things that means your relationships are not serious enough. Serious relationships have serious discussions.

4. Are you afraid to reveal themselves?

To be an open and honest relationship you need to feel comfortable and to reveal himself in front of the other, even if you think that this can affect badly. When you are afraid to speak for themselves for fear of bad influence on your relationship, your relationships are not mutual and healthy.

5. Sexual pressure.

Be careful, if you feel that you are under constant sexual pressure it in your relationship lacks a serious commitment and most likely is not serious. When you are in a serious relationship with someone who cares for you, you won't feel similar pressures. Also the constant requirement for sex is a red flag. A person who is serious about you will not endanger your relationship because of that.

6. You've never met his friends.

A person who wants a serious relationship and future with you it will familiarize you with your friends to see their reaction. If you've been together for a while, and he never met with them, this is for two reasons: he does not believe things between you for serious or worry about the reactions of my friends.

7. Looking for new relationships

If you're partner tells you that he wants to meet with other people, it means that he is still curious about what's around and doesn't want to engage with you.Its Better Solution

8. Off.

When a partner keeps you constantly on hand, this means (without saying it) that he has a problem with you and your relationship. While it's normal for them and is a sign that he doesn't want to be with you and doesn't know how to tell you. Proceed with caution.Take a look at these eight warning signs. If you encounter any of them in your link outlines the trouble. Return one step back and think about where you want to get with your mate. If things continue like this, it can only get worse.

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