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7 ways to prevent bacteria in the gym

May 28th 2014 at 10:18 PM

Most fitness equipment are only toilet training a sketchy way, by Dono may cause adverse effects to the body.7 exercises is beneficial for the health of your room 4 you can prevent disease through exercise 5 tips to help you exercise patience effective 4 simple exercises for health legs beautiful

Most are just gym treadmill and sanitation facilities set a sketchy way, so this may be an opportunity for bacteria to hide and invade the body causing an adverse effect on body. Here are 7 ways to reduce the risk of exposure to bacteria in the center of your daily gym.

Go flip-flops in the bathroom and dressing

The floor in the bathroom is the center of the bacterium. If you go barefoot feet and even scratches, bacteria can easily penetrate and cause inflammation or infection. So, let's slippers or at least a pair of insulated concrete to ensure your sensitive skin with the floor. Remember the same thing with dressing area, sauna and wherever you go barefoot.

Regularly disinfect bag set

Your sports bag is something that can easily be thrown around different places: the floor, changing rooms, swimming pools, cabinets deposit, or even a public toilet floor. This means that you are increasing the risk of exposure to germs everywhere.

Therefore, make sure to bring a bottle of disinfectant spray gym bag so you can mist the surface of the bag before bringing them to the corners and cabinets.

7 ways to prevent bacteria in the gym 1

Drinking water from private bottle

Norovirus is a highly contagious intestinal virus that can easily spread through water bottles and cups general shift in public place. Those files can be taken together or even dirty cups water in many ways they do not realize.

To avoid the above case, bring a personal water bottle to use (always best to get in the water or agency). Also, beware of brown open and close the bottle - you will transfer bacteria from their hands into the bottle, and finally, to your mouth. It is best to wash your hands before use (anyway you should not drink the midst of training).

Bring your own mat

For some disciplines, such as yoga or meditation mat is an indispensable tool. This is the practice that you have come into contact with the floor regularly. The best choice is to use separate mat hygienic and clean them regularly.

If you are using the gym mats, memory clean with a mop water or antibacterial hand gel and put a clean cloth on the surface. Also, you can buy anti-slip socks or shoes designed specifically for yoga, not exposed to floor with bare feet.

7 ways to prevent bacteria in the gym 2

Keep certain distance

The crowded class makes breathing germs and infections - especially influenza becomes natural. To prevent, you need to enhance the resistance of the body through diet and proper rest.

You should also try to keep a reasonable distance (for example, two arms length) between yourself and anyone with symptoms of cough, flu or skin diseases. When set on the fitness equipment in peak hours, choose your machine does not have to stand right next to someone else

Wash your hands frequently

Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water, or use antibacterial hand gel before and after training. Wash your hands often is a habit to be encouraged throughout the year, and is especially important during flu season. Doing so will prevent you from disease introduction into the gym, or to the gym germs that you have been exposed.

7 ways to prevent bacteria in the gym 3

Avoid touching your face

From the frequently used tools and exposure set with the hands and bare skin, a part of your body has been exposed to germs during exercise.

Therefore, we try not to touch your face, to avoid germs invade your body through the nose, ears and mouth. Do not forget to bring a clean towel so you can wipe the sweat flowing on the surface without using bare hands.

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