7 groups of women at risk for heart disease

Jun 10th 2014 at 9:35 PM

Heart disease is one of the common diseases and dangerous especially for women. Here is the group of women at risk for heart disease.Waist circumference over 80cm - Cardiovascular disease risk was 3 times Diet "Iridescence"

prevention of cardiovascular disease 5 Simple Ways cardiovascular disease prevention effective
1. Co. to my drinking habits to sleep

According to professional, business man drinking just yet 1-2 cups of wine are in the interest but yet unmarried, aged 60 and up drink alcohol, or drank deep tournament, look for sleep is dangerous for the cardiovascular , as it increases, not reduces stress group as a married woman. Especially those who have a family history of heart disease risk even more harmful to health.

Increased risk of heart disease 1/10.7 of women for high risk of heart disease

2. Therapeutic use of HRT over 8 years

HRT (replacement therapy hormone) is often used for doctors prescribing menopausal group, to reduce unwanted symptoms such as hot flushes, insomnia, genitourinary disorders, and chronic diseases but face son to increase the risk of heart disease due to a decline in estrogen

. This type of hormone has a protective effect on the heart by blocking very good blood cells accumulate on artery walls causing congestion. So who used HRT from 8-10 years right after menopause the risk morbidity as before menopausal . 

Increased risk of heart disease is 1/10.

3. Addicted to sweets

Sweets in the abuse of women, especially middle-women group will be detrimental to seniors. This group should use menu low-fat protein, enhanced green vegetables, fruits weight loss exercise to reduce cardiovascular disease. If you just use chocolate or sweets, there is no benefit. The risk of heart disease increased by about 1/20.

7 groups of women at risk for heart disease 1
4. Hypertension

According to experts in Medical College Hospital London UK implementation of pregnancy hypertension incidence tenth pregnant women, especially pregnant letter from May 4 onwards, this warning is a factor risk of heart disease, stroke and blood clots in women on the ensuing period. Because pregnancy high blood pressure make the heart health impaired.
Increased risk of heart disease 1/25.

5.'ve Ever smokers

Women with past smokers, but this rule maintains sedentary lives, spending countless implement high risk of heart disease. Private groups still maintain this habit, the risk of heart disease than men to 25%. Why a woman's body absorbs toxins stronger than men.

Increased risk of heart disease in this group of people is 1/15.

6. Snoring

Even while sleeping so blood pressure, hormone nervous system as well as sudden changes should greatly affect heart disease. Additionally snoring child due to drinking habits, smoking and the consequences of heart disease. Seek medical care and consulting physicians and treat diseases simultaneously are suffering yourself.
Increased risk of heart disease 1/30.

7. Wearing migraines

Groups headache sufferers usually by circulating blood to the brain is interrupted, interrupted blood pressure, accompanied by blurring the face and this is a warning sign of heart disease and stroke is very high. Increased risk of heart disease is 1/15.

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