7 drinks to drink during dry weather

Jun 11th 2014 at 11:18 PM

Winter, dry weather, the more you have to add water to the body, to prevent skin dry and dehydrated body.Appropriate time to drink beverages Anti-aging with regular drinks Choose beverages to fight cancer

Winter has arrived, more dry weather, many people will feel dry mouth , no matter how much water is still felt thirsty, throat discomfort, dry lips. Here are 7 drinks good for you in this dry season.

Honey water

Mix honey with temperatures of 60 degrees C will not lose nutrients in honey, honey water effect is good Cool lungs, the lungs may help cool the throat cooling, cooling. Best to drink in the evening will be the most effective.

Drinking honey in the evening also improves sleep. It should be noted, the amount of sugar in honey is quite high, diabetics should not drink; After drinking honey before bed, brush your teeth or rinse your mouth should always avoid damaging tooth enamel .

Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemums light welding, work style canopy, heat, cool down Fire lung, liver purification, particularly effective for dry mouth symptoms, heat, dry eyes caused by weather.

Unlike water, chamomile tea is not only soft but also soft body. In particular, the ability of the heat slightly bitter chamomile yellow strongest, if in the hot, mouth ulcers , drinking water will be effective immediately.

Lemon juice

Drinking lemon water in winter is extremely beneficial for health. Because of the vitamin content is extremely rich lemon, so this is a very good beauty drinks, can prevent and remove melanoma skin, white skin helps maintain skin elasticity, skin not rough cracks in winter.

7 drinks to drink during dry weather 1

Red tea

Properties of this drink sweet, cool, can support positive, good for the stomach. Due to contain a certain amount of protein, which can be beneficial for the body, drinking tea roses in winter, heat, warm hearted, enhanced tolerance to cold body.

Milk Tea

With the winter weather, should eat more foods are white, according to the theory of medicine, white foods through the lungs, might well additional spectrum sound cool. Soft drink milk tea will quench thirst, it can also provide protein to keep the body warm. If taken at night, and helps sleep .

Pear Soup

Le can significantly improve symptoms of dry throat, itchy throat, sore throat and hoarse voice ... in those with respiratory disease. Boil pears, just enough for a little sugar or honey added to the pear juice or pear soup, cool sound effects lung allocation, support for very good stomach, cough in addition to hypothermia.

Tea Grapefruit

Grapefruit rich natural citric acid and inorganic salts, eat grapefruit in winter can heat effect. In many countries grapefruit should be able to effectively reduce the symptoms of dry mouth. Use grapefruit pulp (the yellow part) and grapefruit meat, add a little honey, brown sugar ... to make a grapefruit tea, they can heat treat, pepper sputum , pulmonary cool.

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