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6 Natural Remedies to Sleep Better

Dec 27th 2015 at 5:42 AM

Women Sleeping


If you have reached the point where you will try any and all remedies to sleep better, these six natural solutions might be of some benefit to you.

1. Take a Hot Bath - Not immediately before bed, but about two hours before you want to go to sleep, take a bath that is warm enough to raise your body temperature a degree or two. A shower might provide similar results, but sitting and relaxing in a tub seems to work better. You may wonder how this fits in with remedies to sleep better. As you slow down and become still, your body temperature naturally goes down. Under normal work and sleep conditions, your temperature falls about two hours before bedtime and reaches its lowest point at approximately 4 or 5 in the morning. By driving your body heat up, there is more of a cool down when you hit the sack and it relaxes you more. Choosing the right pillow will also help you to sleep better. Take a look at some pillows here.

2. Keep the Lights Low - Bright lights are not conducive to sleep because they don’t allow the melatonin in your system to do its job. Darkness is what keys melatonin to induce drowsiness, making it one of the remedies to sleep better. Turning the lights down low early in the evening assures our bodies that sleep will come soon.

3. Don’t Over Stimulate - Many things pump the adrenaline before bedtime. If you watch violent or high action movies, they can prevent your body from settling in for the night. If you like hot drinks and want to hit the decaf coffee late in the evening, be forewarned that just because the bag says decaf doesn’t mean it is. Remedies to sleep better and longer have led us to realize that some actions taken to relax sometimes do the opposite. Smoking, while it may calm the nerves, stimulates the mind and causes the heart to pump faster. The same holds true of exercise. While exercise is healthy and should be performed regularly, your workout should not be scheduled just before bedtime but several hours before or earlier in the day.

4. Don’t Look at a Light - People who work during the day often like to catch up on the world’s events when they have a chance to stop in the evening. Watching the news, surfing the internet, or answering emails has you staring at light, which doesn’t do anything to help you relax and prepare for sleep.

5. Keep Your Feet Warm - Especially in the winter, it’s not unusual to have cold toes and feet when you get into the bed. While they may warm up after you’ve been covered up for some time, your feet will get colder during the night. Wearing socks to bed helps prevent cold feet, aids in providing better sleep, and induces improved circulation, too.

6. Restrict Food and Liquids - It is better to eat early in the evening rather than shortly before bedtime. This is primarily true of most foods because your digestive system will have to work when you lie down, and that can keep your mind awake. Drinking liquids even if they contain no caffeine can result in waking up during the night to go to the restroom. The combination of these six remedies to sleep better will have a positive effect on sleep problems for most people. Of course, the results will vary based on the degree and causes of their insomnia.

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