5 things to do more to live long and healthy

Jun 9th 2014 at 11:11 PM

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1. Tea

Tea is one of the healthiest beverages is recognized worldwide. According to analysts, in tea leaf contains over 300 chemical components , such as protein, lipid, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, Tea Polyphenols, Catechins, Lipopolysaccharide etc ... These ingredients are important nutrients and herbs many indispensable in the human body.

Investigation of the Shizuoka District (Japan), used to detect many areas especially tea, the tea producing areas of cancer incidence and mortality rates lower than other areas. Currently the basic medicine for the clarification, anti-cancer ingredients in the tea leaves is that catechins. This component accounts for 15-20% of green tea .

In addition, vitamin C and E in the leaf is so effective support to prevent certain cancers. With the prominent features Vietnam, you do not hesitate to drink more tea everyday for my family to be healthy and live longer okay.

5 things to do more to live long and healthy 1
2. Eating fish

The meat is soft and easy to eat fresh medium. Results of the study Medical Center Walter Reed Army (Washington, U.S.) showed that eating salmon every week at least once can help the elderly reduce mortality by 44% due to cardiovascular disease.

Women who eat fish 1-3 times a month can reduce stroke rate of 7% per week of fish eat about 5 times to 50% can reduce this risk. From here can be seen, in certain menus everyday to have more fish, especially fish in the deep sea.

5 things to do more to live long and healthy 2

3. Eating fungi

The edible mushrooms are rich in protein, low in fat, low calories, and contain vitamins, minerals , amino acids rich very good for health. Supplemented in the diet helps brain health effects, enhance the immune system, spleen appetizer events, support liver and kidney ... there are many types of mushrooms so that you will not be bored and still achieve good health. However, you should pay attention when choosing and eat mushrooms to avoid eating mushrooms banned and toxic, not eat.

5 things to do more to live long and healthy 3

4. Drink plenty of water

What age will also need enough water for the body. However, entering middle age and elderly, water content in the body will decrease little by little, even less than 30-40% compared to a child.

Therefore people in this age group should be aware of drink as much water daily, at least 800ml/ngay. However, older people have kidney disease or Glaucoma (also called optical label bar), the amount of water needed to control closely follow your doctor's instructions to provide a moderate amount of water, avoid kidney and eye catching overwork.

5 things to do more to live long and healthy 4

5. Eating soup

If you have the habit of eating soup after a meal, then set to change this order. Before dinner, taking a little soup can "smooth" the digestive tract, causing "way" more favorable for food, reduced food dry condition irritate the digestive mucosa. Please remember not to eat soup filled to avoid increasing the burden on the stomach and easily lead to stomach okay.

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