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5 things that will serve you well on a diet

Jul 18th 2014 at 9:46 PM

Generally, a pedometer - it's such a clip, which is convenient to put in your pocket, attach to a belt or even underwear. The whole day will be the instrument to count steps based on the vibrations of your body (so there may be errors, for example, if you are traveling in a minibus). Of course, the lower, the more convenient.

The simplest pedometers will just take your body and vibrations on the basis of this "switch" counter. More complicated models can determine the distance that you have walked,

using GPS and calculate the average speed and calories burned. Well, if the pedometer is closing lid, it will not knock you accidentally setting.

And the latest pedometers, such FitBit, can also connect to a computer and graphed based on available information about your walks.

FitBit, by the way, besides the function of counting steps and even sounds an alarm if you sit too long in one position, and at night is a graph of your sleep.

Hint: it is best to carry pedometer front waist, aligned with the knee. Since measurements are the most accurate.

Approximate price : easiest - 500 rubles., more sophisticated models - from 1000 rub. FitBit order from the U.S. (in Russia it is not for sale) will cost you about 3500 rubles. delivery.


He needed to measure heart rate (HR). You may ask, why do you know her? HR depends on the effectiveness of your workouts. Check your heart rate can be the maximum recommended by the formula 220 - your age = maximum heart rate. In training it is best not to exceed the number, otherwise the load on the heart will be excessive.

This will monitor the heart rate monitor. To burn fat you need a figure of 70% of MHR for aerobic exercise - 80%. For endurance training (anaerobic zone) - 90%. Have a separate heart rate monitor (it looks like a normal watch) need for accuracy.

Built-in heart rate monitor simulators does not always show flawless results. Plus pulse sensor simulators you should always hold on to the handrails, which is impossible, for example, when running.

How to choose?

In modern models built sekundometry timers and some have built-in pedometer and additional. Of course, the more built-in functions, the higher the price. But to use a heart rate monitor can be not only in the gym - it is useful in everyday life.
Approximate price : 1500 rubles.

For yogurt

At first glance it is not obvious that for yogurt can be called number one gadget for all losing weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

But we do not often met girls who say that if they had all of the useful kitchen gadgets leave one, they certainly would have been left for yogurt. Judge for yourself:

for little money you get a device with which your home will always be fresh yogurt in any desired quantity. In this case nothing but milk is not required - as ferment can be used already cooked yogurt.

Yogurt can be prepared any, enough to add the milk fruit pieces or berries - we got a healthy breakfast with absolutely no preservatives. Plus, you can cook and unsweetened yogurt for sauces: just add salt, herbs and other spices to taste.

How to choose?

One type for yogurt has the following structure: stand with portioned jars. Most often they are seven, but sometimes more or less. Another option - for yogurt, consisting of one large jug. Jars preferable: they are more comfortable and easier to store eat one serving immediately than to delay the general himself yogurt jar. Portioned jars are glass and plastic. Other factors when choosing are not decisive, but can be a nice bonus, for example, a special compartment for yogurt in your cord storage.

We tested the wording here such for yogurt and were very satisfied!

Approximate price : 800-2000 rubles.

Kitchen Scales

You - what you eat. And not only that, but also how much. Know how much and what you eat will help kitchen scales. With them will be much easier to calculate calorie foods eaten, knowing the number of calories per 100 grams.

And that means that it will be easier to conduct a food diary, recording how much and what you ate, and immediately transferring it into calories. And, of course, for cooking on prescription, they also come in handy - no longer have to pour the ingredients by eye.

How to choose?

Kitchen scales are mechanical and electronic. It depends on the accuracy of the result you want. Mechanical scales have more error, but they are much cheaper than electronic. Electronic scales come with a bowl or platform.

On a platform you do not get to weigh or bulk liquid products, but for bulk products will suit it best.

If you choose to balance the cup, check, whether it is removable, this will be easier to clean. Different models have different weight limit, you can install them.

Usually weight limit varies within 2-5 kg, but most likely these volumes you do not even need. Most modern electronic scales have a built-in calorie counter.

In some scales calories per 100 grams of product already in memory, in some you can specify caloric yourself - it can always be seen on the product packaging.

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