5 foods to help prevent pollution of modern life

Jun 9th 2014 at 9:18 PM

Along with the development of science and technology, more and more people also suffer more than other types of pollution of modern society

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Because a healthy life, be enhanced following foods in your diet to support action to deal with the kind of pollution it.

Seaweed against radiation poisoning

Seaweed can mitigate the damage caused by radiation to the immune function of the body, help the immune cells less destroyed.

Seaweed additional blood work, heart, kidneys, circulatory system, excretory system and the genital organs. Important components in seaweed are fertile clement nature - be used to regulate blood circulation, disinfect, remove the scum in the body.

5 foods to help prevent pollution of modern life 1

Primary circuit to prevent vitamin B deficiency due to noise pollution caused

Primary circuit (also known as malted barley) is a nutritious sprouts, has many uses have been recognized worldwide and are very popular nowadays. Drinks from the primary circuit is rich in nutrients, concentrations of vitamin (A, C, E), proteins and minerals that are beneficial to the body extremely rich!

In noisy environments, B vitamins in the body will be very large attrition. So your diet should be supplemented vitamin B-rich foods such as cottage, oats, corn etc. ... to avoid shortage of vitamin B this.

In addition, the primary circuit of the primary use as detoxify, neutralize the acidity of the body, improve the immune system, helps to better blood circulation, making the healing of wounds, neutralize the acidity of the blood supply adequate nutrition for the body, protecting the intestinal tract and the cardiovascular, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, helps blood circulation, reduce cholesterol, improve heart disease management, improve digestion, enhance brain function, anti-aging, help heal ulcers and respiratory infections ...

5 foods to help prevent pollution of modern life 2

Blood poisoning animals against intestinal dirt, metal particles

Protein in the plasma of pigs, chickens, ducks ... after resolution through gastric and digestive enzymes in the stomach may cause intestinal antidote, and that reacts with the dirt particles , go harmful metal particles into the body, turning them into something that is difficult to absorb body, then excreted through the digestive tract .

Despite avoid toxic effects to the intestinal tract, but this is not the dish are encouraged to eat more because it can cause many dangerous diseases to health. So, you should only eat in moderation allows.

5 foods to help prevent pollution of modern life 3

Cow's milk against lead contamination

Light and dark every day to drink cow's milk may lead resistance is reached. Due to the protein in cow's milk combined with lead to form a body to resolve, prevent the body's absorption of lead and promote the excretion of lead to the outside elements.

Furthermore, the milk contains calcium, phosphorus rich. Calcium, phosphorus can be reduced "burden" of lead in the body. In everyday foods we often lacking phosphorus but not calcium is often not enough. Adding calcium to the body can lead to less absorption.

5 foods to help prevent pollution of modern life 4

Black fungus against cadmium contamination

You can be infected from the instrument containing cadmium plated with cadmium, a metal stop feeding when exposed to mild acid (vinegar, juices ). Chronic cadmium poisoning will cause damage to the kidneys or lead to bone and joint diseases. Chronic poisoning from inhalation of cadmium vapors: cause dry throat, cough, evidence anosmia, asthenia, anemia and sometimes, alveolar stretch, and signs of liver cell injury tan.

To reduce the risk of cadmium poisoning, you can eat black fungus. Colloids in black wood ear plants can absorb cadmium and exhaust them out. Thus, eat black fungus infections can avoid this poison.

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