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4 "culprit" make "round 1" dropped, "round 2" rise

Aug 4th 2014 at 11:08 PM

If you do not want to fall into a "round 1" dropped, "round 2" increase, avoid drinking alcohol, beer, drink enough water and appropriate posture.The note you need to know about his physique 7 fun activities to help you keep a good shape Get to know your physique to begin reducing belly fat Women always want to have " round 1 "stretch,

glamor and" Round 2 "slim but no one wants the opposite. But often very difficult and sisters achieve their desires. If you do not want to fall into a "round 1" dropped, "round 2" increases, avoid the following things because they are the|-is-david-paltrow-scam

"culprit" 2 ruin your round. 1. Drink lots of wine, beer composition of wine, beer is an alcoholic. If you drink this drink too much, your body will lose a significant amount of water and do not drain the small amount of fat.

This becomes the cause of round 1 being "shrink" small. Drink 1-2 glasses of wine, depending on the sex helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease . However, drinking too much alcoholic beverages to affect metabolism in the liver.

And if you drink too much will cause liver damage in liver detoxification function deteriorated, so alcohol adversely affects digestion, fat burning in your body. Furthermore, alcoholic beverages often contain calories, so, it also contributes to the "Round 2" of your development. 2.

Hunchback posture, stooping Stand with stooping posture, hunchback will not be beneficial for both "round 1" and " Round 2 "of you.|-is-david-paltrow-scam/

Hunchback posture will cause compression in breast cells, creating pressure in the back, obstructing blood circulation services, affecting the development of the chest. When stooping shoulders were hanging down your chest will also coincide down.

When standing with stooping posture, the shoulder, reflexively you will have to stretch the abdomen to stabilize the body. This is not good at all for your physique, especially those who want compact waistline. If you hold this position often will make "round 1" was saggy and "Round 2" increasing rapidly.

Drinking water is very important in weight loss because water provides hydration without using too much energy. Drinking water also helps eliminate waste in the body, is very important in the process burn fat and lose weight. If you do not drink enough water, the body's internal organs can not function properly, leading to conditions such as constipation, digestive disorders .

.. As a result, detoxification mechanisms, fat burning work not effective, you will quickly increase in size "round 2" because fat accumulates much more. Additionally, 70% of your body is water. When the amount of water in the body is not enough, the cell will shrink. Therefore, it will increase the risk of "Round 1" being "flat underdogs." Lack of water also makes the skin becomes more wrinkled, especially the skin of the chest.

From there it makes your breasts sagging unexpected. If you want to have breasts, abdomen compact, stand with your back upright, chest pushed forward and pressed belly. At first you find it difficult to implement but will then become accustomed. 4.|-is-david-paltrow-scam

Losing weight is not science The sudden weight loss by reducing the amount of water will certainly negatively impact "twin peaks". On the other hand, losing weight too fast in a short time will reduce the tension always Bandsaw 1. When you gain weight, entail consequences is rapidly increasing waistline as fat accumulates in parts

This is mainly. This is very clear and well known. But did you know that when increasing or decreasing the weight of a fat breasts change as well, leading to chest changes. When you gain weight, you will probably see the "Round 1" and "Round 2"

rise quickly but when you lose weight suddenly, "Round 1" will be heavily influenced by breasts sagging skin, causing sagging chest. However, the "Round 2" does not decrease with "Round 1" because the layer of fat in the abdominal area burned difficult than in other regions. 's why, if you are planning on keeping "round 1" beautiful , "round 2" slim is one of the first ways that you should do is keep a stable body weight .

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