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31 day fat loss cure review - No miracle diets to achieve weight loss when

May 4th 2011 at 9:41 AM

With the arrival of spring and, especially, after the Easter increase endocrine and nutritional consultations, displayed many diet products in the market, sales in supermarkets and pharmacies, and therefore the number of people who decide modify their diet to get your body ready for summer due to go on a diet. However, Dr. Barry Sears says "no diets to achieve miracles when it comes to losing weight.

Therefore, says in an interview with Europa Press, that "there are no 'miracle diets'." Unfortunately, he adds, "when people are desperate for weight gain, often seek desperate solutions such as 'miracle diets', which generate an overall weight reduction but quickly, they favor a 'rebound effect' with the consequent recovery of lost weight and, if possible, with a greater accumulation of fat in the body. "

Such diets, which appeared in the U.S. for 20 years as a result of the epidemic of obesity, promote "typically" a rapid loss of water, on the other hand, it also recovers soon. Sears cautions that these diets so popular now in countries like Spain, where increased population overweight, failed in the U.S. and, she says, "fail in Spain."

In his view, the main nutritional problem that exists today is "the increase in cellular inflammation caused" by excessive consumption of Omega-6 fatty acids, provided mainly by vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates, which "increases the insulin secretion. " "When high levels of Omega-6 fatty acids interact with insulin, the result is an increase in cellular inflammation that causes weight gain, prevent weight loss and accelerates the development of chronic diseases," he explains.

It also notes that a healthy diet must be that having an adequate supply of protein to prevent muscle loss, carbohydrate-rich fruits and vegetables, "to prevent over-production of insulin," low in saturated fat and Omega-6 to "increase cellular inflammation, but with adequate levels of Omega-3 fats to reduce cellular inflammation.

For this international expert in nutrition, and creator of the 'Zone Diet', "unless you stop putting wood on the fire of the fat, is not got a weight loss is maintained over time." And for that, he recalls, "it is essential that patients understand that losing fat is a slow process." The process is defined in 31 day fat loss cure review. a program created by Vic Magary.

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