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. 3 Ways To Treat The Disease Of Polycystic Ovaries

Feb 2nd 2014 at 11:34 PM

May be reluctant to pharmaceutical some women suffer from acne problems, in addition to hair loss, the hair or the appearance of undesirable places, profusely on abnormal.

Thus began security, Pharmaceutical Medical Center, adding that in that case you should inquire about the extent of overweight in that situation. Added, that PCOS is the growth of small bags around the ovary, and the number of those sacks to 15 sacks, and are those bags disability pregnancy, so it is one of the most important signs of polycystic ovarian syndrome delayed pregnancy if there is a marriage, or having trouble with PMS General.
Who is Kyle Leon?

Added, that this disease has not been discovered cause of its occurrence or prevention methods, adding that cause infertility in 20% of married couples, hence whenever discovery and treatment early was the best.
Explained, that of the most common reasons is overweight, noting that such an increase is working to increase the secretion of the hormone insulin, due to increased resistance to the receptors of its own, therefore it increases the body's secretion of a larger amount of insulin, which leads to increased enzyme, and in turn converts estrogen to testosterone, which is responsible for all the symptoms of masculinity, the beginning of the loss of hair or the appearance of unwanted hair or acne.

Stressed the need to conduct analyzes of the proportion of the hormones we will find high ratio of testosterone and high hormone yellowish (LH) to hormone (FSH), adding that through disclosure will tell your doctor to see him for those or not and followed security strategy treat polycystic ovaries on three axes:

1 - The first axis treat symptoms associated with increased testosterone, either eating hormones female containing the hormones estrogen and progesterone, and also to regulate the menstrual cycle, or use of a drug diuretic, which contains a substance spirono-lactone, but found an effect counter to the male sex hormones, which reduces the symptoms.

2 - The second axis by reducing the ratio of insulin using drugs containing material, which are described in abundance to diabetics and in turn reduces the secretion, that article in turn, also here used to reduce excess weight common presence among this category of patients.

3 - The third axis treat infertility problem for married girls. , which is used for it properties containing material, which is famous call ovulation, and the goal of restoring the process of ovulation correct and complete , and that of the most famous of their side effects, is the probability of large for the birth of twins.

Warned security from taking any property before resorting to the pharmacist expert or specialist doctor, or to obey behind the commercials and ads and buy drugs are not licensed and are not based on scientific and clear.

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