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3 food groups to keep you happy

Aug 7th 2014 at 12:49 AM

You should not ignore them in the daily diet of yourselves. 1. Foods rich in folic acid Folic acid is far more known for its sister utility is especially useful for pregnant women, can significantly reduce the risk of birth defects in the fetus. But few know that the use of folic acid can also improve mood and prevent depression in humans

. Folic acid plays an important role in preventing anemia and maintain healthy blood pressure (hypertension balance, particularly those with low blood pressure). Thanks to the preventive effects of anemia that you avoid the risk of headaches, stress, depression

... In addition, daily folic acid supplements may also reduce the risk of some types of cancer, such such as the colon, stomach or cervical cancer. Folic acid is found in green vegetables such as broad beans, spinach ...

magnesium plays an extremely important role for the body: building organizations in which bone tissue, involved in many kinds of yeast components that regulate various functions of the body. A deficiency of magnesium in the body is often related to depression risk. This is why many doctors advise their patients to increase the amount of magnesium in their diet to improve uoongns better mood, avoid melancholy mood, negative.

A dietary magnesium satisfy 's body is one of the factors that helped improve health and prevent many diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and osteoporosis . Among the foods that fall radishes are rich in magnesium are considered Most so you can add them in the daily diet in order to stabilize mood, eliminate depression.

Radishes are rich in magnesium, but also not contain a lot of fiber (very beneficial for dieters who want to lose weight or because it will make them feel full longer, avoid eating much), iron, vitamin A and K. so .. it also provides nutrients for the body, enhancing physical health.

Additionally, there are a lot of magnesium in green vegetables such as dark-colored vegetables and sweet broccoli, vegetables, meat congratulations to ... , milk, millet, soybeans, peanuts, green beans, sweet potatoes, some herbs ...

3 food groups to keep you happy 2

3. Foods rich in omega-3

study published in the journal Archives of Psychiatry Genaral suggests people with depression often lack the fatty acid EPA. Foods rich in omega 3 fatty acids EPA can make energy in the body. Group omega-3 fatty acids help reduce triglyceride (TG). TG is a type of blood fat. When there will be increased risk of cardiovascular disease. Many studies have demonstrated additional omega-3 fish oil reduces triglycerides. Triptophan is a compound that can stimulate the secretion of serotonin naturally. Serotonin is a monoamine neurotransmitter, there are many cells in the central nervous system should have the effect of adjusting the mood very well. omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oils and other foods such as asparagus, fish (tuna, salmon, mackerel ...)

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