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10 iron rich foods for you to include in your diet

Aug 19th 2014 at 10:46 PM

Add iron-rich foods in your diet is essential to good supply of body because this is the nutrient that ensures delivery of oxygen to the blood and contributes to the smooth formation of red blood cells. The red blood cells in healthy levels mean being free from various diseases such as anemia . Eating foods rich in iron ensures good health.
foods rich in iron

The daily intake of iron varies with the age and needs of each person. Adolescents between 14 and 18 years old need about 15 mg of iron daily. For adults between 19 and 50 years, the consumption of this mineral should be around 18 mg.

From the age of 50, this number drops to 8 mg. Greater attention should be made ​​by women pregnant . During pregnancy, there is a greater ease of women develop anemia because the body has a greater demand for blood engage

in the development of the baby. Therefore, during pregnancy the consumption of foods rich in iron should increase, and it should take supplements to reach the amount of 27 mg of iron per day.

According to the World Health Organization, about 25% of the world population registers iron deficiency. To change this situation, discover 10 iron-rich foods that you can easily add in your daily meals.

1. whole grains are one of the best ways to ingest iron early in the day during breakfast . 100 g of the grains contain 13 mg of the substance.

2 One of the most recognized iron-rich foods is the  liver beef. What many people do not know is that the pig liver is also a source of this nutrient. 100 g of pork liver carry 18 mg of iron.
foods rich in iron3 Beans are a very iron-rich food. The white beans in particular, is a source of dietary fiber and protein. 250 ml of white beans (on average shell) provides from 5 to 8 mg of iron.

4 Another rich source of iron, but little known are the molluscs . They get to be four times more iron than liver famous. 100 g of shellfish (clams and 10) provide 28 mg of iron.
5. spinach are also rich in iron. They are also rich in vitamin A and substances antioxidants .100 g of boiled spinach contains around 3.6 mg of iron

6 The tofu is a food rich in iron and vegetable protein because it is made ​​from soy. 100 g of tofu equivalent to 5 mg of iron.

7 The red meat is also a great source of iron. Much appreciated across the country, is a great way to consume this nutrient. 100 g of meat containing from 8 to 13 mg iron

8 Enrich your dishes in taste and iron with the help of chili . 100 g of this vegetable provide 8.7 mg of iron.                       

9.  Dried apricots  are also an option when consuming iron. 10 apricots correspond to 2 mg of this nutrient.

10 Eating eggs also helps to increase the rate of iron in the body. 100 g of egg yolk have 5.87 mg of iron.

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