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10 habits that prevent us from losing weight

Jul 20th 2014 at 10:37 PM

You are moving a lot and watch your diet, and weight is still not out? Looks like it's time you look at your habits.

Sure some of them can undo all the time effort towards slender body . Why do not we grow thin and how to fix it, the author of "Lady Mail.Ru» figured out together with Lydia Ionovoj, nutritionist and author of the seminar "Healthy Habits for the harmony, energy and happiness" training center "City Class".

1. We too love diet

Diet divides thinking into "before" and "after." Three days later, after we moved to a new eating plan begins the so-called "diet depression." Some women at this point throw experiments, others - reach finals willpower. And then again go on a gastronomic peak.

What to do? Introducing healthy habits into your life gradually. Then the process of maintaining the shape of the eternal "crusade" will be a pleasant and natural. And do not worry, a lot of the time it will not go away: Many habits are brought to automatism on average 3-4 weeks.
2. We set the wrong goal

Often in the abyss called "lose weight for beach season for 14 days," we throw ten days prior to departure to the sea. Such an approach will not bring success.

What to do? Choose the correct target! She, according to Lydia ions should be:

- Specific: Replace the phrase "as I would lose 20 pounds?" More accurate "I want to reduce my weight to 55 kg."

- Measurable: you have to know exactly what you have, say, 12 extra pounds, and not shaped "flabby hips."

- Achievable: not worth guessing "a new body for 3 days." More effective to focus on a very real "lose 10 pounds in six months."

- Real time: no need to put abstract tasks like "become slim by next spring." Much better plan to get rid of extra pounds for three month. A little? But achievable.

3. We adequately assess their capabilities

Many leave with his head in the process of losing weight and torture themselves in the hall or severely restrict food, increasing the burdens after the first successes. This trail will take you to a hospital bed rather than a slender body.

What to do not demand of ourselves all at once. "to properly organize his regime, and you can lose weight without fitness about two pounds a month, and adding physical activity - four" - says Lydia Ionov. Faster weight loss process can cause serious health problems: an intense fat metabolism is able to harm the liver.

10 habits that prevent us from losing weight - photo 2
4. We criticize themselves for failures in the diet
This habit not only helps us lose weight, but, on the contrary, contributes to weight gain. A single case of overeating large figure does not cause damage, but the remorse on this subject - well: such moral "persecution" are capable of stimulating the production of hormones, provoking an increase in body fat, which is perceived by the body as a universal protective "armor."

What to do? Realize that raids on the fridge during a diet, if you do it "sit" - normal for a mentally healthy person. So instead of blame and punish himself for relapses, simply remove it from the lessons, analyze what they were called and how they can mitigate the attack gluttony.

5. We often use the method of "stick"

Some women are coming up with all sorts of punishment itself for misconduct and breakdowns in the diet: missed training - next time you engage in an hour more. Ate a piece of cake - stay without supper. This habit is capable of killing any motivation.

What to do? develop his "system Gingerbread" - bonuses for intermediate results. For example, promise yourself that the first lost weight you get weighty award - new clothes, jewelry, perfume. It is important - it must not be the reward of the same series that happen regardless of whether you lose weight for these five kilograms or not. Say, is not necessary to motivate yourself holiday trip, if you have already bought tickets to the sea. Huge cake for the role of awards also will not work - "prize" should please the soul or the body, but not the stomach.

6. We are starving day

There are those in whose busy schedule do not have time for a complete meal. It would seem strange if we did not eat all day, why are fat? Because the evening just commit barbaric raids on the fridge.

What to do Before the obvious simple - to find time for lunch. Believe me, in 15 minutes you will spend on it to eat a bowl of soup or salad, nothing terrible will happen at work. Forget dinner? Leave the container with lunch at the workplace: a couple of hours without refrigeration food does not have time to go bad, but all the time will remind you to eat. Another option - to share lunch on two small snacks .

7. We follow the principle of "dinner give the enemy"
As a rule, this habit is, those who do not support the previous and following well-known proverb, tightly breakfast, lunch and almost skips dinner. That, contrary to popular belief, no one makes a slimmer.

What to do and plan your diet so that breakfast and dinner by volume were similar, and the maximum food intake accounted for lunchtime. Do not forget about snacking: approximately 11.00 and 17.00, try to eat some vegetables or fruit. In sum, this will prevent you from overeating and acute hunger.

8. We confuse appetite hunger

Both of these feelings are able to push us to a plate of cookies. That's just the first impression - the history of the category of "want something tasty," and the second - a strong desire to eat. Do not understand that now your body needs, you risk not only harm the figure, but also the stomach, filling it with food if it this is not yet ready.

What to do? Listen to yourself and look at the clock: hunger after about two to three hours after the last meal. Endure hunger can not be - it should quench. But with the appetite is "negotiate": try to tame it with a glass of cool water.

9. We drink too little water ...

Compote, juice, tea or coffee sometimes seem to us and tastier than plain water. But actually it is not so: the first two drinks contain a lot of sugar, and the last two - strongly dehydrating.

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