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Yoga Pranayama

Dec 11th 2014 at 11:24 PM

Yoga is an amazing art of bringing harmony and restoring balance in life by performing various asana as well as Pranayama. The entire Yoga practice encompasses body, mind, and spirit. Therefore it is the only holistic way of keeping fit and maintaining perfect balance between body and mind.

Essence of Yogic Breathing

The word Pranayama is a combination of two Sanskrit words that mean control of breath when combined. Yoga considers breath as sign of life, hence Prana means breath.

Pranayama is nothing but conscious effort to control inhaling and exhaling. There are many ways to perform Pranayama. Anulom Vilom, Kapaal Bhati, Bhastrika, Bhramari, and many other forms of breathing techniques can be studied and practiced by yoga students.

There are broadly two ways of breathing. The first and most common breathing is called as abdominal breathing. The better way to breathe is by using diaphragm instead of stomach.

Modern science refers to the air that we breathe as a mixture of different gases. Yoga considers the same as flowing energy or cosmic energy. If one deliberately follows Pranayama technique, then he or she can command this energy for better health and mental stability.

Pranayama must be performed regularly by following the right technique to enjoy its effects. These effects consist of maintenance of good health. It also ensures purity of thoughts and actions.

Pranayama enables lungs to use oxygen optimally and thereby keeps blood pressure under control.

In addition to these physiological advantages, Pranayama is also found to offer different spiritual as well as mental benefits. One of the most notable effects of Pranayama is stress management.

It calms the mind and helps focus it on good thoughts. The breathing techniques prescribed by Yoga are designed to stimulate various energy centers in our body. It has balancing effect on our thought processes.

Amazing advantages of Pranayama Yoga

If you are planning to lose weight, then you are advised to avoid weight loss medicines. These are nothing but scams and the better and safer option is to practice Pranayama.

Pranayama induces long lasting and gradual weight loss. Modern diet and exercise plans focus on fast weight reduction. In fact the faster you lose weight, there are chances that you would gain your weight rapidly once you stop the program.

Pranayama takes longer time for weight reduction and the effect is also sustained for longer period.

Let us briefly take a look at major Pranayama techniques. The most commonly performed Pranayama is Anulom-Vilom. It is characterized by breathing in and out by using one nostril at a time.

Kapalbhati Pranayama is forcible breathing by taking in abdomen and releasing it slowly back to normal position. If done repeatedly and regularly this technique has potential to stimulate pancreatic function and improving digestion.

Respiration is an involuntary process. Pranayama attempts to control this by deliberate and specific breathing exercises. If performed frequently it can improve functions of all organs of the body.

Yoga Pranayama is a way of life. It makes you live your life to its fullest potential and delays ageing.

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