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Why You Have to Clean up Your Training Program

Feb 25th 2014 at 9:20 AM

Exercising is very important for people as it helps them stay healthy. Workouts may have many benefits for you. Some of them can fight insomnia, prevent heart diseases, improve health, help lose weight and even combat depression. Generally, there are three types of people. The first ones are anti-exercise people to whom physical activities are undesirable and disagreeable.

The second group includes people who do sports for fun or just to be occupied with something that will keep them active. They are satisfied with moderate-intensity training, something that will take no more than an hour a day.

The third type of people are the ones who can spend more than four hours in the gym every day, working really hard on their bodies. They even train during weekends and eat a protein diet.

Now, workouts have numerous benefits but they can also do harm to you. If you include exercises that pose risk to your health or if you don't do them the right way, you can seriously hurt yourself. If you think you have such exercises in your training program, it's time to clean it up a bit. Just make sure you remove all activities that may be harmful for you. Here are a couple of reasons why you should do so:

Reason №1: Some exercises are pointless and don't help you build muscle or lose weight

YouTube and many other video channels and websites are full of tutorials and workout videos that promise to keep you in shape or to help you build muscle, but in truth, they don't bring the results you expect. You should be very careful what training you choose to carry out. Few of the so called instructors are qualified to teach. You never know whether you came across a professional or an amateur. And this can have a serious impact on your health. Not to mention, it won't help you achieve you goals at all. So keep this in mind next time your are browsing the net for activities that burn calories.

The best thing you can do is advise a professional instructor at the gym you are visiting. They can carry out specialised and individualised training programs, completely conformable to your needs. Everybody is different and not all types of exercises are appropriate for everyone.

Reason №2: Some exercises are dangerous and can cause injuries

One risky and completely meaningless exercise is squatting on a ball. The truth is, such workout has no benefit at all or if there are any, they are insignificant. Whereas the risk of falling down and breaking something is much higher than that. Unstable surfaces, even though many people consider them the best muscle target, are not at all safe and recommended to use in your workout. If you want to build a strong core, just stick to the standard exercises. Consult a specialist what types of exercises will help you.

There are a number of weird and completely inappropriate exercises that can hurt your back, sinews and other parts of the body. For this reason, you had better clean them up from your program as they will do more harm than good.

Most of the physical activities that are done the wrong way have to do with weight lifting. It is recommended that you follow your trainer's instructions. Don't try to create exercises of your own. Anyone who isn't aware of training studies can seriously injure themselves. Our advice is to keep with the basics and try to master them first before you start doing something more “creative”.

Author Bio: Connie Jameson works for FlatCleanLondon but always finds time to make exercises because this helps her stay healthy and fit.

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