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Why Skipping Your Daily Routine Is Damaging for You

Jun 23rd 2015 at 4:24 AM

Your iron will and incredible dedication to workout aside, you know it is going to happen one day – you are going to skip a workout. It is likely that one skipped workout will lead to another, and as a chain reaction you will catch yourself skipping a week or two of gym. Needless to say that your body needs some time off here and there, after all you are not a machine, but skipping workout often will leave you with consequences you won’t like.

What will you lose: strength or endurance?

This has a lot to do with the kind of workout you’ve been doing and muscle groups targeted. There are two types of muscles: slow-twitch which are a type I, and fast-twitch which are a type II. Type I muscles are the ones you need for daily activities, they are used on a daily basis for sitting at a desk, walking, talking, etc. and they are the ones in charge of endurance performance. Being used daily, they will be strong even after a break, but your type II muscles, the ones in charge if strength training, are the ones you will likely lose faster if you skip your workouts.

Yes, you can have a break

When you work hard for a really long time, you will need an occasional break in order to function properly and get the most of your workout. Even professional athletes have a day off, and if you have stared your workout recently, there is no need for seven days a week workout. Doing some activity which is unrelated to your usual workout still counts as a break, so instead of going to the gym you can have a bike ride or go for a long walk. This way, your body will be moving and working, but it will be an exercise of lower intensity, and it will make you feel better and not as guilty as you would have felt if you just sit in front of a TV with a bag of chips and a soda.

How much time do you have before you officially fall out of shape?

It does not come as a surprise to see people are interested in this question. The trick is: the fitter you are the more time you have before your muscles stop building up and you fall out of shape, says Amir Siddiqui, most notable personal trainer in Dubai. If you are only starting your workout, even a day can make a huge difference in your overall shape, but if you’ve been hitting the gym regularly over the past few months, you can get away even with a seven-day break, or even more. If you’ve had a longer break, ease up a bit with your workout at least in first week; give your body and muscles some time to get back into pre-pause shape.


Yes, there will be days when you will feel so run down and exhausted that it will not occur to you even in your wildest dreams that a gym session is necessary. Your body will send you signals and in case you do feel bad or you are sick, it’s okay to skip a workout. Nevertheless, be prepared to make it up later on, even if it won’t be easy.

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