What To Eat With Hypothyroidism?

Nov 6th 2013 at 11:01 PM

It is important to:

*Regular breakfast - in order to provide stability concentration of glucose in the blood

*Breakfast foods with a low to moderate glycemic index, an example of such meals are oatmeal with low-fat yoghurt and cinnamon

*Reach for smaller portions - half handful of almonds (afternoon) or 3 cubes of dark chocolate (at noon) are a good way to regulate the hormones associated with satiety signal. A little protein with each meal is a very important way to deceive hunger.Get More Details

*Bring enough protein diet - for example, 1.2 -1.5 g / kg BW, but the fish and from plant sources (beans, grains, nuts) and egg yolk. This way you will contribute to the preservation of muscle mass, and in combination with exercise and an increase of the same, which will contribute to accelerating the'' metabolic ''.

*Have 5-6 small meals a day

Proper selection of foods avoids prison:

Constipation or constipation Handle following choosing foods: emphasis in the diet put on broccoli , Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, beans, lentils, onions, peppers, bread, compote of dried figs , plums, pears or shake of the above fruit and yogurt , flax seeds, figs and raisins combined with rye flakes. White bread, flour, corn flakes and white pasta attempt to completely replace that integral. Instead of coffee with milk used (white, yellow) unsweetened tea several times a day, and herbal teas such as tea from fennel and nettle, which will contribute to the removal of excess fluid.Read MoreĀ

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