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Truth About Quickness

Oct 6th 2012 at 10:35 PM

weighed ankles. Ankle strap weights around both ankles, most of them are 3-5 pounds. Set two cones or markers of 5 meters from each other. Start a cone and sprint in a short burst guide to the far cone and back down too quickly. Keep proper technique and make sure you are going straight forward and backward. Do three sets of six repetitions of this exercise (one rep is the cone and back, so you can go from cone to cone 12 times in one set). This is a great way to improve acceleration and make your top speed much faster.
Tips & Warnings

There are many other variations of these exercises that you can do. Find the ones that suit the best and work the muscles that you personally need.
Keep in mind that the best way to increase your speed is to refine your technique, not through weight training. However, these exercises will also help you improve your technique in leaps and bounds as long as they're doing with the form.

Remember to always stretch before your workout. These exercises will put a lot of stretch your muscles, and you need to make sure that you are stretched properly. Also remember to keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water between drills. Remember to consult a physician before participating in any strenuous activity. Make sure you are using a weight that is right for you on all the drills weight training. Otherwise, you can do serious damage to your joints and tendons.

To perform well in sports, there is no substitute for first athletic speed and agility. While the skills learned, such as shooting a basketball or dribbling a soccer ball are important, the ability to move quickly from 'no athlete an advantage regardless of skill level. The speed is, to some extent, an innate characteristic, but proper athletic training and exercises can increase the speed and agility, regardless of natural ability

Wind sprints Truth About Quickness
An easy way to work on the speed of the foot is to add wind sprints in a training regime. Wind sprints are small runs of about 40 meters, the maximum speed sometimes completed consecutively. Between sprints, allow a minimum rest period of 30 seconds or less. As you continue your sprint, your leg muscles will begin to fatigue and oxygen demand, increasing your heart rate. By 10 or more shots, put pressure on the legs and the heart at the same time forcing them to adjust the voltage to be used at high intensity with little oxygen. This will promote cardiovascular endurance and leg strength, which allows you to run faster and further before feeling tired.

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