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Training for Woman

Jul 16th 2013 at 9:52 AM

Myths about training of the chest for women
One of the most common myths is mentioned that your breasts will be less, if you train chest exercises. One reason is that women who are bodybuilders often have very small breasts and  especially feminine.
It was, however, rather the extreme diets and extremely low body fat they have. Since breasts consist mainly of fat, it is thus the low percentage of fat which causes the breasts to be generally very small. The low fat content means that female bodybuilders are extremely difficult to have natural looking breasts, unless they have undergone plastic surgery.

If you maintain a healthy body fat percentage, then you will not find that your breasts become smaller - and certainly not as a result of chest workout. Fat percentage should be around 10-13 percent, that is healthy and you need to go under this before there really gets thrown fat from your breasts.

Many also believe that the breasts become hard of  chest exercises, but if you otherwise maintain a reasonable body fat percentage, it will not happen - on the contrary, the training can make your breasts fuller.
Some women also ends up focusing on a few chest exercises. It is important that you vary the exercises so that your muscles do not become accustomed to the exercise,  so you make sure you train the muscles varied.

Beware also of using the light weights or too little resistance. There must therefore be enought resistance so your muscles get challenged and you get a benefit from the training, and there is no need to waste time in the gym.

Train varied and get results
It is important that you think about variation when you exercise. To achieve the beautiful, slim body, make sure you both train endurance and strength training. You can easily walk to the many teams in the gym, but it is important that you also do exercises that challenge your muscles so you get strength. Otherwise, you risk ending up with a slimfat body where you may look slim, but you're still not getting the bikini look that you dream of.

It is also important that you make sure you train all the muscles in the body, and not only think of the parts that most women would love to give special attention to.
It may be a good idea to get affiliated with a personal trainer who can help you set a program up so you're not chasing your target in the dark.

In particular, it is easy to find a personal trainer in Copenhagen, but of course there are personal trainers across the country. In large parts of the country it is difficult to find personal trainers who are not affiliated with fitness centers, but there are several coaches in Copenhagen, working independently on their own as me.

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