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Tips to Lower Your Blood Pressure by Exercise

Jul 23rd 2015 at 11:15 PM

People who are not aware of the importance of regular exercising, they stay away from physical activity and as a result of which they suffer from several bodily ailments. Type II diabetes and blood pressure are the result of sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy eating. It doesn’t make any sense that you should not do regular exercise because you are suffering from high blood pressure. On the other hand, when you are physically active, you can cope up with this condition in a better way. In order to take proper precautionary measures you can consult your doctor before starting your fitness routine.

Lower Your Blood Pressure with Exercise

Several health science studies have shown that you can control your blood pressure approximately 5 points if you are working out regularly. But in case you suffer from high blood pressure, so when you will opt for cardiovascular exercise it will increase the blood flow in your body. Moreover, after using the blood pressure medicines you have become habitual of this medicine that is why it is not advised to stop taking blood pressure medicine at once. How to slowly decrease your dose, you can discuss it with your physician?

If you stay inactive, it will not help you in any way, rather it will worsen your cardiovascular system and the blood pressure problems will remain as it is. Some medicines are also available as an oral spray.

When you will exercise or do any physical activity, the blood circulation in your body will accelerate. This will supply fresh oxygen to all the body’s cells. This will transport all the necessary nutrients to every cell and it will also help your body to throw out the toxins. After some time you will also see a noticeable change in the endurance level of your muscles. I think no need to mention that with several other benefits of exercising, you will also get a well toned body with ideal body weight.

Exercise Program

If you have never pumped the iron in your life, nor you have taken part in any kind of physical activity, then it becomes imperative on your part to take the clearance from your doctor. As a beginner, you must start slow and the best physical activity you can start is walking. Walk only 15 minutes in the park and gradually increase the walking time. After a month or two when you find yourself able to walk for an hour or more continuously without feeling weak, then you can add strength training to your fitness regime, of course with lighter weights. available as an oral spray.

How Often You Should Exercise?

When you exercise your muscle tissues break down and your body needs proper rest in order to rebuild those tissues. That is the reason doing more exercises will bring negative effects and this may lead to injury. In the beginning do not work out more than 30 minutes, when you find yourself comfortable in doing all the physical activities mentioned in your fitness regime. You can work for an hour; you have to split it into three parts, 30 minutes of cardiovascular training, 20 minutes of strength training and at last 10 minutes of stretching.

When you exercise, listen to your body because at times you may not feel like working out, maybe you are feeling dizzy or any other problem you may have.

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