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Tips For Using Punching Bags To Get a Good Workout

Nov 26th 2015 at 8:39 PM

There are many different training techniques that you can use to get fit and healthy. Most of the training techniques used these days emphasise on weight training in the gym and in yoga and aerobic exercises. However, there are many different training techniques that you can use if you find that you are not particularly motivated to stick to the traditional training techniques. One such training technique is the use of punching bags for training in boxing techniques. A great advantage of such a training regimen is that it takes the focus away from watching your waistline and size of your muscles and keeps your attention in acquiring a skill that is fun to learn. This in itself has two basic benefits. One, if you don’t obsess about your weight or your waistline too much, you are more likely going to stick to your workout program and secondly, you will not only get fit and healthy but you will have also learned new skill, that is, good boxing technique. Below are some useful tips for starting to train using punching bags.

First of all, whether you decide to train in boxing or Muay Thai in Sydney or anywhere else, you need to ensure that you have been cleared by your doctor to take up such training. The training can get very intense depending on how passionate and how motivated you are to progress. In any case, don’t overdo the exercises and remember to pace yourself because you have nothing to lose by taking your time and you have everything to lose by doing too much. With that said, the first thing that you need to practice is your foot work. With footwork exercises using the punching bag, the aim is to practice moving around while avoiding the bag and still keeping your proper boxing stance. The idea is to move fluidly and freely and to avoid remaining stiff. This exercise can be done for a period of 3 minutes for a total of 8 rounds with a minute of rest in between the rounds.


Whether you get into boxing or Thai boxing in Sydney or in Melbourne, or any other part of the country for that matter, it is important that you strengthen your arms and your legs. The power of your punches comes from your whole body and not just your arms and therefore strengthening your whole body is quite important. That being said, you need to strengthen your arms and specifically train them to punch fast and with a lot of strength and power. Punching the punching bag repeatedly with good technique and with increasing power will get you the results that you want over time. Additionally, an important part of being a good boxer and a by extension a fit and healthy person is having good stamina. This basically means that you can endure long periods of exertion based on how well you train your muscles and how well you respond to extended periods of strain. As you punch the bag, ensure that you have a good breathing technique in order to training yourself for more endurance.

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