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Thanksgiving Brings More than Hot Dinner… Hot Babes Too!

Nov 27th 2015 at 8:36 PM


Happy Friday to all you wrestling fans out there! Hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving - good food, company and all! Today we are looking at one of our favorite wrestling babe... Miss Carissa Montgomery. Check out here featured matches below, you won't regret it! featuredmatch

SK-371-01 "Green Eyes Surprise"

Carissa Montgomery vs. Chad

T*pless Mixed Wrestling

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.38.34 PM

This mixed wrestling match features a voluptuous green eyed blonde, who is a real wild cat in the ring! Her sexy bikini brings out her eyes, as she sets her sights on her male opponent. Don’t let her sexy feminine wiles fool you; Carissa is devious and will do anything to over power her male opponent. With crushing leg scissors by her sexy thighs, and smothering succulent breasts, she has him soon him gasping! She holds him down with face sits, but that’s not all, she goes for his crotch, honing in on assaulting his assets. She further humiliates him with a spanking and with verbal taunting as he struggles to break free from her sexy spell. Unleashing her full beautiful breasts, she eggs him on. Stomping and pouncing his prone body she holds nothing back. She delivers stinging spanks and painful stretches. She uses her feet to choke the smitten male too, claws his belly and gives him some painful titty twisters to further hurt and humiliate him. With more crotch grabbing and some wedgies she further plays with her boy toy till he is crushed by a standing leg scissor that is tightly and deliberately wrapped around his prone neck and he is out cold on the ring floor! Click here to watch online now!

SK-372-01 "Taming the Domina"

Carissa Montgomery vs. Santana

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.43.29 PM

T*pless Female Wrestling

This exciting female wrestling match up features, Carissa, a busty honey blonde darling who pours on the sugar as she poses for the camera. She has no idea what she is in for as she is up against the experienced and ever dominate, Santana. Santana with pure intimidation taunts Carissa from the start, but Carissa soon learns that Santana might be all talk. She goes for Santana’s exposed breasts and captures her in a full nelson. Carissa clamps on with her strong and sexy legs in a wild body scissor and Santana is in pain. With a dirty toe twist, she escapes and delivers and hair pulling camel clutch, removes Carissa’s top, unleashing her large succulent breasts. Just to punish her opponent, Santana likes to inflict painful submissions with out finishing and she does that all to well in this sexy topless female wrestling match. Severe breast grabbing, hair pulling, kicks and more, these two vixens get after it to see who is the superior woman. Breast smothering, face sitting and wicked crotch facing head scissors, and one wild cat is getting hammered. Caught in a super tight figure four head scissor, she is almost out, but her forceful opponent makes one mistake, and she rallies back! With pleasure and pain these topless women love inflicting pain on each other, till one bear breasted vixen is caught in a strong and escapeless head scissor followed by a painful cross face arm lock, is totally beaten and unable to continue.

Click here to watch online now!

SK-368-01 "Shaken and Stirred"

Carissa Montgomery vs. Sonny

T*pless Mixed Wrestling

Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 8.51.12 PM

This sexy mixed wresting match features the blonde and busty female wrestler Carissa, who looks spectacular in her hot pink bikini! Her male opponent in is for a real ride as he quickly forces him into a grapevine, yet as he powers her off, he only makes matters worse and finds himself in a clamping body scissor hold. This sexy female just reels him in with her feminine assets. With face smothering of her big exposed breasts to face sitting, she holds him down only to torture him more. Struggle as he might, she seductively maneuvers him into her total control. Tight body presses’, clamping head scissors, crotch grabs and with her smothering breast has him gasping for air. With sexy long face sits, wedgies, grapevines and willful choke holds, Carissa is a feminine creature who will memorize you and hold you captive. Her final assault comes with a figure four leg lock pressed tightly around the neck of her male victim, till he is so weak he cannot continue. Click here to watch now!


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