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Symptom of Muscle cramps

May 21st 2014 at 11:10 PM

Muscle cramps are a symptom of a sharp contraction. Because muscle pain most cramps usually occur within 10 minutes to the leg muscles. The symptoms are often found Most are born during or after exercise. Some people are born while swimming or some people while sleeping. A muscle cramp is flexed, causing pain.

Often the moment was lost. But some of them may be long or repeated pain. Often include muscle cramps, thigh muscles, but may also be due to other muscles. Causes of cramps include:

Economic imbalances, especially minerals

Sodium and potassium balance conditions that include minerals. Diarrhea, vomiting, sweating or eating unbalanced

Falls or muscle injuries. To prevent injury

Balance of minerals, especially calcium, magnesium, two minerals unbalanced diet can cause cramping.

Lack of flexibility, muscle stiffness, cramps is common.

If weak muscles must work harder to cramps as often

Myocardial infarction if you remove the hard body without. Warm up to give blood to the muscles, not enough to cause cramps.

Dehydration of the study showed that Dehydration can cause cramping and severe.

Often include muscle cramping calf muscles. Thigh muscle and muscle of toes often due to one side

Resting the cramping usually occurs at night. Cramps are usually a few minutes. It may be a pain for up to 1 day.

This kind of cramp

Cramps caused Paraphy-siological cramps

Cramps are caused when a stimulus which is mainly caused by exercise.

Usually caused by an unfamiliar exercise or exercise too

Believed to be caused by an imbalance of water and minerals, muscles were long used.

Believed to be caused by salt, magnesium and other minerals are low.

Usually occur in the abdomen Unknown cause

In normal subjects with those in any one position for a long time

Cramps caused by congenital Symptomatic cramps.

Minerals, low sodium Hyponatraemia


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