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Jul 31st 2015 at 3:26 AM

Why Storage?

For any product to last long and to have a prolonged shelf life, it needs to be perfectly packed and stored or preserved. A well packed and stored product lasts longer because storage mechanism keeps the air away – as the air causes the oxidation of the product and spoils it. As a result, the product loses its potential and strength and will only end up in a trashcan thereby a wastage of money spent on it. Any product, in particular the natural or herbal ones, cannot last forever if they are not properly taken care of by storing them in clean jars or containers which are moisture free and air tight. The air and the moisture are the two real culprits to spoil any product of medicinal value. Hence it is absolutely necessary for us to pack them properly and store them away from moisture and heat/ sunlight – in a darker place.

Storage effects:

Any product will stay effective if it is properly stored and kept in a heat free and moisture free environment. Here too, the effects of Kratom last only as long as it has been kept in its natural and dry form, stored in an air tight container free from moisture and kept in a cool and darker place away from heat, humidity and sunlight. Hence it is a purely natural and herbal element, it will last longer and will remain effective as long as it is stored in an efficient way. The product must stay in its dry form to have a long shelf life. If maintained well, it will never lose its potential and thereby never lose its quality and therapeutic values. One must make sure that the product is freshly packed and has enough shelf life before buying it if it is available in an already packed form. The vendor from whom one buys also plays a vital role as a reliable vendor will only sell a good quality product. These are some of the valuable points that one must always remember before buying this product.

Therapeutic properties:

Since it has lots of medicinal and therapeutic values, this product always plays a vital role in shaping an individual. This product helps in increasing ones’ energy levels, to boost immunity, stay healthy and stronger by revitalizing the physical as well as the mental health. It helps in keeping the brain fresh and stimulates the nervous system to get rid of fatigue, laziness and negativity. By staying healthy one can never become obese and always maintain the perfect BMI according to the required standards. It also helps in soothing the muscles by removing tiredness and pain caused by day to day activities.

Points to remember:

In order to maintain the freshness, quality, potential and efficiency of the product, one must remember that The effects of Kratom last only a few hours if properly packed and stored and placed in a heat free, moisture free, dust free environment in an air tigh, clean and dry container and must be placed in a cool and darker place to have a long shelf life and for its qualities to remain within. So, for this product to not get spoiled, one must always adhere to the above mentioned methods of protecting it from harsh environment.

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