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Oct 24th 2011 at 6:58 PM

Turbulence Training is a program designed to help you lose fat and gain muscle without cardio. Craig Galantine, a renowned Men’s Health Magazine Expert and Certified Strength and conditioning specialist is the creator of this successful product. The program is in three short and intense workouts per week. When using the plan, there is a continuous change to keep your body from adapting to a fixed routine, and the changes help to stimulate muscle growth.

High intensity training has been researched and it is know that when combined with lifting heavier weights it is better and more suitable to build muscle and lose fat than lengthy cardio exercises, longer repetitions and training with lighter weights. When using the Turbulence Training Program, you will learn how to go through three workouts a week which lasts 45 minutes each and it will help you to loose fat while gaining body muscle. The program include a warn up exercise which you will do and lasts 5 minutes, followed by strength training for a duration of 15-20 minutes, and finally interval trading which lasts for 15-20 minutes. These workouts are shorter in duration and less frequent, but the difficulty level is very high. They are designed in such a way so that you can perform much work as possible in a shorter period of time. When you complete your exercise you definitely feel you have done good training when you complete your session.

The advantage of Turbulence Training Program is that you are not bored with repetition. As an example, many people start fat loss program with a great enthusiasm and eventually they stop the program and do not complete because the process is a repetition. In this program, there is no repetition since you will be changing workouts routines once a month. You will be doing the same exercise 12 times and this does not allow your body to adapt to the changes and it will not halt your progress. The program includes Turbulence Training System which comes in a PDF and MP3 format, Dumbbell and Bodyweight fusion, Workout manual, Nutrition guide by Chris Mohr, 20 minutes workouts for the world’s busiest Dad, Total body transformation secrets, Turbulence Training for mass muscle building. The workout in the system does not come with a diet plan which may be too intense for some people. The program is not designed for people who want to build serious muscle, but it is rather a combination of fat loss and muscle gain.

The Turbulence Training Program is the right alternate for you if you want to lose fat and gain muscle. The system requires 45 minutes of your time and 3 days a week. There are so many people who have tried several other fat loss and muscle gain programs and did not get a better result. So, try this wonderful product and you will not regret it. The routine involved does not require too much of your time. When you consider your busy schedule and don’t have the time to lose your gained pounds, then this program is the right choice for you.

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