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Magic Chinese diet: how to lose weight in a few days

Jul 25th 2014 at 10:18 PM

Essence of the diet was simple. Everyone knows that rice - one of the most powerful absorbents. It collects and displays the body of toxins, if you eat it without salt, excellent herding water and prevents the absorption of what you eat afterwards. So if breakfast for two weeks rice, cooked in a certain way, it is quite possible to lose weight.

Fig need to take brown, unpolished. But if you find it does not work, you can do the usual with him, too, turns out to achieve good results. In order for the absorbent properties of the rice increased, it is necessary to macerate for seven days in water.

This is done as follows: the first day you pour 2 tablespoons of rice in a small container (quite suitable plastic cup or small jar), washed at least seven times, and then filled with water so that it covers the grain on three fingers, and leave on the day.

On the second day you rinse rice again and pour fresh water. And then prepare a second crop of rice in the same way as we did yesterday - pour 2 tablespoons of rice in the second cup, rinse, fill with water and forget about it until the next morning.

Morning of the third day, you were again washed first and second portions of rice, fill them with fresh water and then put the soaked third part.

Thus, this week you will accumulate seven cups of rice. On the eighth day, you take the first cup, washed again with rice and for three to five minutes to cook it on the water without salt and sugar. Until the rice is cooked,

you rinse with fresh water and pour the remaining six cups. And in the seventh vacant pour a new batch of rice, soaked it and put in the queue.

A boil rice you eat without everything, no drinking. After that, you do not eat or drink anything for 4 hours. After two or three hours might break your appetite, but you can not make even a sip of water.

Once expired 4:00, you can fully eat. No lunch or dinner there are no restrictions - eat whatever you want. The only thing to be consumed in very small quantities - it is salt. Also during the diet can not take alcohol, otherwise all the action of rice will be reduced to eliminate toxins from the body and lose weight will not work.

For half an hour before breakfast you can drink a cup of water to not wilt without liquid.


At first glance it looked innocuous and quite feasible. Fees and get to work takes me about three hours, and only an hour to work without food and water, I somehow hold on, time for chores goes unnoticed.

So I trotted briskly to the store for rice and plastic cups. Brown rice was not found in any of the three stores, so we had to take what was - steamed dlinnozernovoy. To clear my conscience, I took the most expensive.

Manufacturers claimed that vitamins in it so much that I have enough for a couple of years ahead. The next morning I namyvayut grains under running water, warming themselves with dreams of what will become thin and ringing in just three weeks.

The first unpleasant discovery I made on the fifth day of preparation for the great transformation. The more cups appeared on the windowsill, the more time-consuming endless washing rice. And give it up was no way: first cup I'm not very well washed on the second day and he safely soured. The smell was so disgusting that I had to send it in the trash and start all over again. So, my carefully!

And finally came the eighth day. The second unpleasant discovery not long in coming: parboiled rice dlinnozernovoy fall apart as it does not boil. So instead I got polkovshika porridge of boiled rice, which had to cram a no salt, sugar, morning tea and even water. This operation took me about 20 minutes, so the rise of work has shifted to an even earlier time. Optimism is not added, but I decided to throw in his teeth and endured two weeks. In the end, there was nothing to show off, I had to take pics easier.

The next discovery was that wake up without a cup of strong black tea I do not know how. If the road is still possible to take a nap in the truck


, the first hour on the job turns into a real torture. "My Kingdom, and polkonya poltsarevicha for tea!" - I wrote plaintively in a personal blog. But tolerated. But what bliss after the fourth hour finally go to the kitchen and humanly breakfast!

In general, working days I am quite adapt itself to the diet and somehow kept himself. All the more so for the first five days it took almost two kilograms. That is, it actually works. However, I would not allow myself to eat everything.

Still habit to eat more or less correct and healthy way will not go away. So it can not guarantee that you can eat cakes and drink their sweet soda and still lose weight. But with a reasonable approach to weight is actually possible to lose bad. Besides, I no longer desperate to swell, which can certainly be attributed to the pluses.

On this positive note can be and finish. Still, I confess that I did not last two weeks. The collapse of the experiment had in the first weekend. It turned out that when you do not need to get ready for work, go and do some urgent business, four hours - this is a very long time! Unbearable. During this time, on Saturday,

I managed to polish feathers, cook dinner, take a walk with your child and eventually lose control. My colleague has decided this question radically

, it wound up Service for six hours, ate breakfast and went to the rice to fill up, so that by the time it was possible to wake quietly eat what you want. But put me up in a day at six in the morning can only with vehicle towing, so I brushed off this option immediately.

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