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Lose Weight With Pills

Jan 22nd 2015 at 10:06 PM

At pharmacy, and supermarket and especially on the Internet dozens of resources are for sale that promise weight loss; of fat burners and fat blockers through slim boosters and to and hunger stallers.

Examples dietary preparations

This beautifully named preparations (pills, powders and drinks) are often overblown marketing slogans at you recommended. That they may be dangerous or simply do not work, usually not addressed.

What types of pills, powders or drinks are to be found and what they promise?

Preparations with carnation, chromium or enzymes from pineapple or papaya, which would dissolve body fat or protein.

Herbal mixtures that laxative and diuretic say work.

Burn Abdominal Fat - Preparations with algae, lecithin, seaweed and yeasts, which would stimulate the thyroid, would dissolve fat would laxative or protein splitting.

Substances which have an influence on certain hormonal systems. Lysine and arginine-rich products that promote the release of growth hormone, and ephedrine and caffeine, which stimulate metabolism.

Substances that stimulate fat burning, such as apple cider vinegar or purer tea.

Supplements containing chitosan, which would inhibit the absorption of fat in the intestines.

Supplementation with CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

Swelling agents and fiber compositions, such as guar and cellulose. These swell in the stomach, causing a feeling of hunger would be omitted and lose weight so would cost less effort.

And, do they work?

With a little effort you can make yourself a list as above also compose what to roam on the Internet. But more important is the question: to work all those pills, powders and drinks too?

The answer is short and sweet: sometimes, not often. And in the latter case - if they do not work - they are sometimes harmful. Caution is advised.

Let yourself be seduced by especially interesting scientific talks. Because if there is already good research has been done, it is often animal studies, including another high doses of the drug are used. If it works in humans is therefore not to say.

Chances are that it hardly works. But what is worse, that use of such preparations is sometimes health risks entail. For instance, excessive use of laxatives harmful to health. And because of the health risks are preparations with stimulants like ephedra illegal in the Netherlands.

Medications for weight loss
This does not mean that there are medications for weight loss, the effect of which indeed has been demonstrated. Though it is very unwise to take these medications without a doctor's advice. Stop by the GP for advice and a recipe for very obese certainly an option.

Wonder composition does not exist
Thus, there are numerous preparations on the market, of which only a few have also a scientifically proven efficacy. And even then, a lot of weight, you will not lose it and you'll have to increase possible side effects on the sale. The conclusion is clear: a miracle preparation exists (yet).

For anyone in a way trying to lose weight, that might be a bitter pill. But the advice to lose weight through a healthy, varied, low-calorie diet and plenty of exercise is still the best advice you can get.

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