Learn Kickboxing in Calgary from Qualified Trainers

Dec 18th 2014 at 1:04 AM

In today’s times, we all lead a very hectic life, which leaves us with only very little time to work out and take care of our health. In such an era where we have limited time to devote to daily exercise kickboxing seems to be a boon. Started in the 1970’s, Kickboxing, a fighting method is a perfect combination of kicks of karate and punching techniques of boxing. By indulging in kickboxing, you get the best of both boxing and karate and your body gets a full workout. This is the reason why kickboxing has become a part of daily workout for those people who want an energetic training session. If you reside in Calgary, you will find a number of training institutes offering kickboxing classes to individuals of varying age groups and from different walks of life.

There are many benefits of opting for Kickboxing workout. To begin with, kickboxing is a cardiovascular workout, which helps to increase body’s flexibility, coordination, improve your body’s balance and thereby achieves a healthy mind. By opting for regular kickboxing classes you can lose excessive body fat and thus get a leaner body.  When practicing kickboxing mostly there is no need of any special equipment, however, this would vary with the instructor you choose. He might include jumping ropes and punching bags.  An initial cardio kickboxing class will start ten minutes of stretching warm-ups, but can also include other basic exercises such as pushups and jumping jacks, which would be decided by the trainer depending on your flexibility. This would be then followed by half an hour of kickboxing. However, ideally the trainer would start with some kicks, knee strikes and punches of a set of say 20 but gradually would increase them and also add more complicated moves, depending on how the students respond to the initial training sessions.

Many experts of kickboxing regard it as an art and a combat sport and so extra emphasis is laid on the choosing the right instructor who would not just teach you kickboxing, but also give you tips, which he has learnt through years of practice of kickboxing. When planning kick boxing training in Calgary, make sure you do a background check of the instructor before beginning with the kickboxing lessons. You could even speak to his present students to know about his skills and experience.  He should be able to help you get the correct angles so that you don’t end up injuring yourself. To find a reputed training institute you could even go through the internet, which will give you a list of kickboxing institutes in your area. Apart from this, do mention about your previous injuries if any and your health to the trainer so that he can take them into consideration before starting the training program.

If you too want to improve your focus and physical strength join a kickboxing learning institute and you will surely improve your moves and become an ace at kickboxing with daily practice.

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