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How to Identify Psychological Issues in Old Age

Apr 5th 2015 at 11:20 PM

If you are in your advanced years, it is a critical point in life, often characterized with various illnesses, behavior changes, and psychological issues. It is
important to recognize such mental changes early to help in making the right decisions before the condition gets worse.

Most mental problems in old age occur as due to acute brain syndrome, which may be the result of toxic drugs or physical illnesses. Signs include a show of unique

behavior, different from normal behavior pattern. Various conditions can lead you to seek services of a psychologist. For instance, if you suffer from OCD, you may

need effective psychological treatment for OCD.

1. Depression: a common mental disorder, it occurs mostly in elderly persons, aged 65 years and above. Signs of depression include unique characteristics such as loss

of interest in activities that used to be important, difficulty in falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night and not able to sleep again, feeling less

energetic and nervous.

2. Anxiety: another potential cause for psychological issues in old age, anxiety is a state of being overly nervous without any actual threat. It is quite different

from fear, which is a response to danger. Symptoms of anxiety include excessive fear or worry, fatigue, lack of sleep, restlessness, and the person may experience

gastrointestinal discomfort. For effective remedy, you will need psychological treatment for anxiety.

3. Dementia: the term refers to a combination of different illnesses that may cause psychological issues in an elderly person. Risk factors for this mental condition

include advanced age, vascular disease, female gender, and sedentary lifestyle, among others. Symptoms of dementia include loss of short and long-term memory, loss of

sound judgment and thinking, word-finding difficulties, and drastic personality change. Remedy is somehow similar to anxiety disorders treatments, but targeting

specific symptoms of the condition.

4. Delirium: the condition can cause psychological issues in old age. It often affects hospitalized patients, either for surgical reasons or due to terminal illnesses.

Symptoms include altered awareness, lack of attention and concentration, lack of memory, inability to recognize and respond to visual and auditory stimuli, and


5. Narcotics: while there is no clear connection between narcotic abuse and old age, addicts can develop psychological issues in their old age. Many people also use

drugs to lure them to sleep or to make them forget their problems. If you are under influence of narcotics, you may have sleep disturbance, impaired cognition,

violence, and irritability.

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