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Nov 1st 2013 at 4:35 AM

As we have already mentioned and teenage acne causes that cause it are:

1) Salivary sebum

2) obstruction of the pilosebaceous canal

3) Microbial factors namely P. acnes acne

4) The development of all these to inflammation

There are many cases where the adolescent acne treated as not expect to adulthood of the person, and where the edge occurs after puberty. Causes implicated in these cases may be:

Hereditary factors, several drugs, hormonal disturbances (such as PCOS), maybe some eating habits without being proven, professional environment, use of unsuitable cosmetics etc.Read More About Ski

According to extensive study by Professor Murad the above comes to add a new term that comes in everyone's life and it's acute and chronic stress causes overstimulation of the nervous and endocrine system. It's what scientists call cultural stress. 's the result of modern lifestyles, lack of time, the growth of free radicals and our exposure to them. All of these have resulted in the alteration of the cell structure and the degeneration of the skin.

How stress causes the appearance of acne:

1) increasing sebum production due to activation of the endocrine system

2) local inflammatory reaction.

3) affects the immune system not being able to heal the damage they have created.

4) reducing the cohesion of the cell membrane and therefore water loss and dehydration

Addressing these problems should be done both at ground level as possible, and at the local with the proper care. Use products that do not increase the oiliness, whilst helping to rebuild the skin and restoring the acne lesions. Treatments at the institute need to be made with extreme caution and be such as to regulate oiliness and help restore the skin without causing irritation

I would be remiss to mention the adult acne without mention another kind of acne rosacea. akmoeidis is a chronic disease of unknown origin accompanied by redness (erythema) and spider veins. It affects both women and men after 30-40 years. At first the redness is transient over the years but becomes more permanent and slowly created red pimples, while we hyperplasia of the sebaceous glands.

Addressing the needs medical care, but I would like to give you some practical advice in order to avoid as far as possible to the aggravation of.

Avoid sun exposure between 11 am and 4 pm when it is used non-greasy sunscreen with a high protection factor.

Do not sit near heat sources.

Do not exit abruptly from a warm environment to a cold.

Do not drink hard alcohol and spicy foods.

Must be very careful product selection peripoiiseo s that they are gentle non-irritating, but also to cleanse excess sebum with anti-inflammatory ingredients. Also treatments at the institute must be chosen with great care and in any case not used methods that increase the redness like the use of hot steam. But contrary treatments must cleanse while simultaneously irritated skin to soothe and give a feeling of well being and relief.

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