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Grow Taller 4 Idiots Review

Jul 5th 2012 at 12:16 AM

I Scare People who say: Let The Government Do Something! !

I have a cousin who was in the protective, armed assault, after leaving that place, was selling "adulterated wine."

His mother and brothers were happy, he sold poison mixed with a poison worse. They said it was good, and good

earning "easy money" with it. What could the government do to correct the home education that my aunt gave your


I have a cousin who already suffered from syphilis, gonorrhea and human pedicle infested pubic (genital lice), but

is married with two children and "loves to prostitutes." Luckily today is healthy (I hope), and says that "it is a

specialist in sexually transmitted diseases" (but did not finish high school). Just today was to spend another $

550.oo pesos a harlot, and remains a bit worried of not knowing if they contracted HIV. His father (my uncle), at a

young age led him to a prostitute, "that was made man" and knew "what is to be with an old".

What could the government do to correct the home education that my uncle gave his son? Why my uncle went to where

they explain about sex education and not to "massage agencies"?

I had an uncle, "Uncle Vicho" (Victor) who died two years ago for alcoholism, grow taller 4 idiots review a young

man was brave and broncudo, called him "The Bourgeois". The enclosed as I talked with women, for he was "the cool",

which carried "the Cocais", the handsome and burly (and clear that it was young, and to spare). Went into recovery

centers for drug addicts and alcoholics amount.

On one occasion, while he was "resting" in my mother's house at dawn began to shout: - Spiders, Kill spiders!

Spiders! - When we ran to her room my mother and I saw him jump from unlado to another bed, awake, frightened, with

those giant eyes scared junkie, finally we could control. In the clean room is not
were no giant spiders attack!

What could the government do to correct the path that my uncle was stronger among family and friends until his

death? My grandmother always said, are men, and travelers should be bastards. Is this what the government could

correct? If interested or at home! When Victor died, my grandmother and I count 34 bottles of alcohol in 300ml of 96

(which is used to heal wounds) found under his bed.

In Mexico, my country, each we have an earthquake or flood people are fighting for the help that comes from outside

and the government itself. While some try to save his life, some enter homes of brothers and neighbors to see who

steal, preferably at night, "when it is easier", but is that the police themselves, military and rescue encueran


In Japan, a few weeks ago had a nuclear contingency,grow taller 4 idiots people, homeless, hungry even,

expecting food and water formed, who helped could help, "no one stole anything," and was released in Japan as an

organized and moral worldwide. An example to follow, a country that "still hungry and smelling death" is known to

form and wait a turn, where the elderly are wisdom and not a hindrance. What could the Mexican government to correct

a disorganized people, indifferent, amoral, half religious, conformist, novelero and drinking?

A few days ago, with two children under fifteen years "playing" at home, one soaked with a solvent to another and

set it on fire. Do we need a policeman in the room - dining room of each house? Meanwhile, in another neighborhood,

a woman let her own lover endlessly violated his minor daughter, being the face and eye-witness, "not to look for

something man in the street and not be unfaithful" her best offered his own daughter.

What the government do something? A woman does not mind his own daughter, how does this change the government? What

will the government to push us away televisions and just get the head in the good books?

What will the government to keep the thirty vagrants, alcoholics and drug addicts who meet at the corner of my

business and my home? If their "mommies" love them both. What government? Is 100 years ago or today ...? Or worse,

the government of tomorrow ... where are your brothers and grandchildren ... What the government do something?

I agree not fault the government for one party or another are "full of Mexicans," like me. Those who had a

revolution that we are proud, where soldiers on one side and revolutionaries on the other violated the elderly,

women and girls in front of their brothers, husbands and children, who after witnessing the event would be killed,

but tortured before this. And besides, burning crops, stealing chickens, turkeys and pigs ... pigs. Mexicans against

Mexicans, like today.

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