Fitness trainer Jeff Halevy's secrets to a six pack and healthier living

May 4th 2015 at 11:40 PM

We set out on a journey for six-pack abs in six months, and none of our participants ended up with a six-pack. What went wrong — or better stated what went right.

Six-pack abs may be the most coveted fitness status symbol, but it hardly tells the whole story ... or any part of the story, really. Six-pack abs, at their simplest, indicate not the possession of health, but a lack of certain things, namely abdominal fat. One can argue that the absence of abdominal fat is in fact a barometer of health, but I would simply divert your attention to the "ripped" smokers I know and the malnourished worldwide, neither of whom we can agree fall into the "healthy" category.

This incremental daily activity is more important than researchers previously believed when it comes not only to health, but fat loss as well. By simply moving more, and moving more frequently, the body's metabolism is more active — meaning more calories are being burned, without necessarily getting burned out at the gym. What's really neat about NEAT is you can can start right now: Get up jeff Halevy from your desk and take a five minute walk! Do that every hour or so. And in between try to stand every so often...that counts too!

The takeaway from this is to not start a new workout routine too fast and too furious. High-intensity programs that challenge you to do complex moves as quickly as possible are the flavor of the day, but they can quickly lead to injury and burnout — and generally can be a psychological deterrent.

I would suggest if you are starting a new workout regimen, begin by doing 50 percent of what you believe you can do, in terms of frequency, work, and duration. If you plan to work out five days per week, start with two; if you plan to work out for an hour, start with thirty minutes; and so on.



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