Consequences of Using Anabolic Steroids

Dec 18th 2015 at 7:02 AM

People have a good notion concerning positive effects of using anabolic steroids. Nevertheless, many who avoid talking about negative aspects of the intake of these preparations. The consequences are different by their origin and the rate of severity.

Negative Aspects of the Courses of Anabolic Steroids

  • Prostate ailments. Too great presence of testosterone in the organism can lead too serious ailments of prostate. Most common are cancer and impotence. Quite frequently there occurs testicular atrophy and there begin to develop female secondary sex characteristics in men.
  • Transformation into estrogen. Oftentimes, testosterone changes into female hormone estrogen, which leads to various violations of the body functioning. One of common ailments in this case is gynecomastia.
  • Psyche influence. Very essential point is mental behavior of athletes, as steroids have strong impact upon their psyche state, oftentimes making them too aggressive, and abnormally enhancing sexual activity to negative grade.
  • Complications for women. These means have very negative consequences for women, inducing abnormal hair growth, deepening of voice, hypertrophy of clitoris and change of the skin structure. Women start turning into men.
  • Heart and liver problems. Complications with cardiovascular system are quite common within this case and can induce negative events that can lead to death. Liver is another organ that starts experiencing negative influence of steroids first.
  • Arterial and blood difficulties. Abnormal work of heart leads to enhanced blood pressure and produces bad blood for some parts of heart. This causes death of healthy cells and heart attacks. Blood vessels also suffer from negative impact, as the levels of cholesterol sufficiently enhance and so, there is high percentage of the occurrence of blood clots, which also may lead to heart attacks.
  • Skin problems. There also appear different troubles with skin. For instance, acne.
  • Other issues. The usage of anabolic steroids also delays water, sodium, potassium, sulfates and phosphates in body what leads to violations of libido, abnormal aggression, hair loss and some of already stated adverse effects.

There exist some other negative effects. However, you should also know that these harmful events are not supposed to obligatory take place. Commonly, these effects happen due to inappropriate usage of various preparations. In addition, there are different ways of stopping the development of adverse effects by proper treatment methods, as well as by many preventative methods.

Prior using such powerful preparations, you should consult a specialist to find out all indications of them and confirm safe dosing. Visiting anabolic steroids reviews from JCMuscle, you can get additional information concerning different issues about these preparations and their effects.

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