Can everyone get a six pack?

Oct 13th 2010 at 12:55 PM

A six pack abs is like a trophy that shows how healthy and fit you are. People want to have these lumps of muscles for various reasons. This could be because it helps improve their self-confidence and self-esteem, because it’s a goal worth striving for, because it makes them healthy, or simply just because they want to look good in a two- piece bikini or swimming trunks. But the question remains, how to get a six pack?

A straight answer is YES! Hooray for that! So, the next possible question could be, why don’t I have a six pack? Or why doesn’t the person beside me have a six pack? That’s because getting those ripped abs is not that easy. In other words, there are different factors that could hinder anyone from having those most coveted abs, converting the answer from YES to NO.

Six pack abs is actually the layman’s term of the central abdominal muscle, the rectus abdominis. This muscle protects the vital organs in our midsection as well as helps prevent back pains. Since every individual is born with this muscle, this makes it extremely possible for everyone to get a six pack.

However, the rectus abdominis muscles, as well as the other major abdominal muscles like the rectus transverse and the internal and external obliques, are usually hidden from overlying body fats. To make these abdominal muscles visible, you need to lose weight, burn excess over-all body fat, and tone the muscles.

The processes are easier said than done because of the following factors:

Factor #1 Genetics

Parents’ genes do influence the metabolic rate of a child. If both or either of your parents has slow metabolism either innate or developed, you will expect of having a slow metabolism as well. Because of such fact, some people do not even attempt to try, thus making it impossible for them to get six pack abs at all.

Factor #2 Gender

Men lose weight faster than women because they have more muscle mass, thus they lose weight and tone muscles faster. Some women get discouraged with such fact, thus losing their chance of getting a six pack at all. This should not be the case because even though muscle mass puts the men in a great advantage, it all boils down on who have the determination and perseverance to reach the finish line.

Factor #3 Starting weight

It may take weeks for a person with ideal weight to get six pack abs, months for people who are overweight, and years for an obese person. The length of time it will take and the slow progress are the usual reasons why people quit or doesn’t even bother to try at all. If you don’t want to be among those people read: How to get a six pack in a week to understand what you have to do.

Factor #4 Commitment

The road to getting a six pack is long and bumpy. You’ll see yourself face to face with temptations to go back to your unhealthy lifestyle, hopelessness because of slow progress, and jealousy to those people who are born with such fast metabolism that they don’t need to undergo the same vigorous training. People who are not committed are the first ones to give up. They are the people who convert the “yes” to “no”.

Factor #5 Motivation

People want to have a toned core for a reason. However, people tend to give up when the reason is not strong enough. So, if you would really want to have a six pack, you need to equip yourself with motivation; otherwise you’ll just fail.

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