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Benefits of Salvia

Jan 3rd 2016 at 11:44 PM

Among the variety of gifts that nature has blessed us with is salvia. It is a tiny green leafy plant which has its origins in the southern Mexico. This herb is a rare species and not many have actually used it. Though there are numerous facts and advantages associated with salvia, investigation and research by scientists is still ongoing to discover its full potential. Despite that, there is already a lot of information on salvia that can be found online. Some of the information is true while others are just overhyped in order to attract customers. Traditionally, it was ingested by chewing the fresh salvia leaves or drinking juices extracted from them. The leaves can also be dried and smoked in pipes or rolled cigarettes, inhaled o vaporized. Salvia is mostly used for individual experimentation rather than a party drug because of its nature of inducing brief hallucinogenic experiences. This plant’s main ingredient is salvinorin A, which has the potential of activating certain nerve cell targets.

Its subjective effects include feelings of detachment, mood and body sensations, psychedelic-like changes in visual perception and a highly modified perception of external reality and the self which leads to a decrease in ability to interact with one’s environment. Salvia can be considered to be a drug to some people but its benefits are mainly medical. As much as it has such benefits, using high dosages can harm your health. You should use it according to the prescription you are given by a medical adviser. If you are wondering how to get salvia, it is readily available in many online stores where you can order and it will be delivered t wherever you are. You can also opt to purchase it in small amounts if you are trying it for the first time. Some of the benefits of salvia are that it helps in reducing menstrual pain in women and slows bleeding. It is also famous for its narcotic effects, can be used to change hair color, can increase memory and concentration power, can treat sore gums and throats and is very beneficial in treating rheumatism, anemia, diarrhea and semi-magical diseases.


There are various extractions of salvia with different degrees of concentration therefore ensure that you buy one that will not overwhelm you. They include salvia 10x, salvia 20x, salvia 40x, salvia 60x and salvia 80x. One should never take salvia without the advice if a physician unless they are trying to use it as a drug which is also not advisable. It is strictly limited to adults and children who are under 18 years should not be allowed to use it no matter what reason they may have. There are also other countries that have prohibited the use if salvia thus if you are found with it you can face a jail sentence or be fined highly. Therefore, you should be knowledgeable about the stipulated laws in your country as concerns to salvia so that you do not fall into problems with the law.

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