Becoming a better kickboxer as well as a power puncher

Jul 8th 2015 at 3:35 AM

Kickboxing is a great martial art to be involved in for several reasons. For one you will be able to defend yourself when you need to, but more importantly you will get to build discipline and a strong work ethic through the rigorous practice it demands of any athlete. Additionally, it will help you stay fit and healthy and will keep you focused on improving your skill and technique in your pursuit to become better and better. Since kickboxing is a full contact sport, if you want to progress up the ranks and gather more and more skill, you have to get better and better at it through a lot of sparring and fighting. If you are like most people, you may have looked into a few shortcuts that you could learn to improve or become a better kickboxer. If you haven’t looked for any shortcuts to become better and you have only focused on the getting better through hard work and rigorous practice, kudos to you. You may however still want to improve your punching power.

If you want to become a better kickboxer, you should make use of the best kickboxing teacher that you can find. If you live in Sydney for example make an internet search for kickboxing Sydney to find the best teachers and classes. However, your focus should then turn to maintaining a strong work ethic everyday if you want to get better. Schedule as many hours as you can afford to train each day. Work on different aspects of the sport including strength and conditioning, foot work, punches, in match techniques,as well as mental and psychological states. If you want to lift weights to improve yourself, remember that you want to lift for strength and endurance and not for size, and you should therefore adjust your resistance training workouts accordingly. At the end of the day,it is useful to keep in mind that technique will more often than not beat strength and size.

When it comes to your footwork, remember that good footwork is very important for your stability as well as for your countering technique. If you want to improve your in-fight technique, you will not develop it through hitting heavy punching bags, focus pads or mitts.You have to schedule some sparring and fighting if you want to improve your evasive action and defence, as well as your offensive techniques. Joining a Bondi gym for example will be very useful in this regard if you live near Bondi. If you live elsewhere, find a sparring gym near you. Increasing your punching power is also important to become a good kickboxer. Training for explosive hand speed as well as punching power can have some very satisfying results when you get into action with an opponent and you surprise them with a very quick and powerful punch. To improve in this aspect you should make use of the jumping rope, medicine balls, and light dumbbells.



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