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Basic Fitness Equipment Explained

Sep 15th 2015 at 2:49 AM

If you’re a novice at the gym, you’ll probably be standing there all flabbergasted because of the machinery that’s just spread out all over the place. Yes, it can be a bit intimidating, but staring at them will get you nowhere. This overwhelming sensation can be conquered by simply getting acquainted with these seemingly complicated metal constructions. So let’s bolster your confidence by explaining some of the basic equipment and in time everything else will be a piece of cake.


This is one of the most popular digital cardio machines out there, perfect for burning calories and working on you upper as well as lower body simultaneously. On the interface you can easily choose and adapt the fitness level difficulty which comprises of speed, duration, angle and other pre-set modes. The only bad thing about this machine depends on the strength of your joints, because running tends to put a lot of strain on them due to risk of high impact injuries.


Compared to a treadmill, this piece of machinery (also known as X-trainer) is much easier on your joints, but still burns a lot of calories in the process. Such stationary exercise simulates either stair climbing, power walking or running; and all you have to do is choose the speed of your workout and the resistance preference.

Stair stepper

Similar to elliptical, this piece of equipment is also quite low on impact and is designed to work on your glutes, quads, hamstrings and calves. In general, it’s excellent for sculpting your legs and lower abdomen, but you can do very little with your upper body. Nevertheless, it will get you heart pumping and looking good from the waist down.

Stationary bike

The only thing strange about this one is that you’re riding a bike, but standing still, too. Still, this machine is particularly good for people who have problems with their knees. Besides configuring speed, duration and resistance of your exercise, remember to adjust your seat so that you can reach the pedals properly and extend your legs fully with a very slight bend right in your knee. If you sit too low, you can end up having soreness in your legs and its joints, so bear in mind that it’s important to allow you knee to travel in its full range of motion.

Rowing machine

This is one fine fitness commercial equipment because it requires a great deal of strength and coordination of both your legs and arms. This exercise simulates rowing, so your entire body will be engaged, especially the core abdominal muscles that support your back in order to protect it from injury. Consequently, if you do have back pains, stay away from this machine until you mend your injuries, otherwise it’s superb for burning calories and pumping muscles all the same.

Leg press

With this one you just get yourself comfortably seated when you configure the weight you want to exercise with and by using your legs you press that load away from you and bring it back slowly. You don’t have to worry about slipping or falling, everything is stable once you sit on this machine. It simulates doing squats, but it only places less stress on your back, while you still get to pump those quads.

Lat Pulldown Machine

It’s quite similar to the chin-up machine, but you don’t have to work with you entire body-weight with this one. Simply adjust the weight and feel the muscle across the middle of you back working. This equipment is perfect for people who don’t have the strength to fully lift their body just like you would during chin-ups, but it will get you there in no time.

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